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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

United States Land Use News Story

This Bloomberg news story on the use of US Land was interesting.


Maybe it's only interesting to me.  But, I learned something by reading it.

Maybe you will, too!

Please enjoy.

2018 US Land Use

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Are there 8% Cap Rates in Las Vegas?


I have one listed where the Owner is willing to sell his Downtown Las Vegas Studio Apartment building for an 8.2% Cap Rate.

This is a steal in today's market given that development along the north 'Strip' is picking up.

Alpine Motel Apartments

Now, the average net income for this property runs about $245,460 (Your numbers could be different.)

So, at a $3 Million Sales price, that puts the Cap Rate at....You guessed it! 8.2%.

If you have an interest in acquiring a value added multi-family apartment building in an area prime for re-development, this is it!

I am having a lot of up calls on this property, so I know it is NOT going to last.

Email me for property marketing details.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bullies have been and will always be Weak People

We know the cliche.

The high school quarterback picks on the nerdy student because the nerdy student is "weak" according to the High School Quarterback.

Hey, "nerdy student" do my homework or I will beat you up!

So, sad.

And as a society that is trying to re-educate our children that being a bully is wrong, How, why then do we allow a bully to take the political pulpit and decry the American system of government as "Corrupt" or "Rigged" when 'things' don't go the way they want them to go?

Bullies invalidate people for one reason only: They are weak people.

Men who abuse their wives or significant other are weak; Most people who end up in prison are -- for the most part -- weak.

I even find that gang members are weak.  (They think they are strong when in a collective, but they are just a collective of weak minded individuals.)

(Did I hit a raw never, there?)

Anyway, weak people fear-monger; weak people are prejudice; and weak people bully others when they are in the wrong -- know they are wrong -- and they insult and invalidate others when backed into a corner trapped in their small mindedness.

I saw this article today;

and, it did for a while give me hope that the one person stopping a foreign buyer client of mine from buying -- and preventing me from making millions -- will (hopefully) lose the general election.

If this one person does win, the US is in for a world of hurt. (My opinion.) 

I have had this discussion with several people who are Trump supporters.  The underlining theme from these people for their support is that Trump will lead us in the right direction. (I know he won't.)

The reason Trump would fail as president is that he still thinks of himself as the high school quarterback who knows how to kick the nerdy kids butt.

What people have forgotten is that the nerdy kid from high school is now, today, the former bullies boss.

And, Trump's problem in this election is....

Oh, wait.  I don't want to say.  It might get back to him.  He would change his course, and win -- which I don't want because it will cost me millions.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


By definition insolence means rude and disrespectful behavior.

In the current political US Presidential election climate, the word Trump also is defined as rude and disrespectful behavior.

What I don't understand is: Why is this behavior so popular among-st non-college educated white middle aged male adults?

And as the college educated politicians and business people abandon Trump left or right for Clinton because of Trump being Insolent, I don't understand why Trump supporters ("guys" for the lack of a better word) continue to goose-step along with their racial hatred.

Yes, I believe the Clinton Campaign set Trump up with having Mr Khan talk at the DNC.  I believe the Trump Campaign set Clinton up at the RNC.  But, now that both of those shows have run their course, it appears that Clinton has won the convention battle.

I believe that Trump's, disrespecting Mr Khan and his wife will be Trump's Achilles' heel this November 8th.

What Trump -- and most bullies don't understand -- is that when you bully someone, even the bystanders who are doing nothing while witnessing the bully's actions, will eventually turn against the bully.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Trump: Flimflam man?

A few months ago, I did an Internet search for businessmen who became presidents.  Some were senators and congressmen before becoming president.

But, these supposed businessmen who were elected president had one thing in common: They were all in the lower half when ranking them as successful presidents.  (I think the highest was 26.)
Anyway, on the opposite end were the successful Presidents.  These men all had one thing in common: they were failed businessmen.

And, by far the most successful president ever was even considered a failed lawyer.
Go figure. (Or, Google this yourself to verify.)

Now, as for Trump's "Successful" Las Vegas Tower.  People may look at it and wonder how this became so successful.

Well, it was headed into foreclosure in 2010-11.  How do I know this?  Well at that time, a Los Angeles real estate investor client, called me to ask if I could do him a favor and get him quality comps for the Las Vegas Strip condos.

I asked, 'Why?"  (The reason I asked is because I don't sell residential real estate -- at least not individual properties.)

Anyway, he told me that the bank holding the note had contacted him to see if he'd be interested in acquiring the loan.

(Now, this is not unheard of since lenders do this all the time. (It's one of the factors that led Wall Street into their collapse in 2008.))

Anyway, I got the condo comps and sent it to him.

He decided to NOT purchase the loan because, upon receiving the comps, he knew the bank was asking way too much per unit for him.

Later, when talking to this very same investor about another property, I asked what had happen to that loan.

He said that he was told by the bank that Phil Ruffin had paid it off.

(Apparently, Phil still owned the land separate from the tower and wasn't going to chance losing his investment in the land to the bank foreclosing on the tower when the condos didn't sell.)

So, if Phil didn't mention this as a Trump success at the Republican Convention, I guess Phil would know first hand.

Lastly, I doubled checked the ownership on this property recently and most of the units are currently owned by Hilton Vacation Timeshares.  Phil sold the remaining unsold condos to them after he had started to use this building as a timeshare component of his TI Resort Property.

So, if Trump is heard talking about how successful his Las Vegas Tower has been, remember, here is another building with the Trump name on it where he only owns the condos on the 33rd floor.

I guess getting your name on a building you no longer own is something to brag about.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Las Vegas CRE with +/-8% Cap Rates are NOT selling! Why?

You know, I believe that anything is possible.  I think it's the optimist in me.  So, when the economy turns and I see deals starting to come along, and they turn to steals, this is when I believe that I can help any investor buy any Las Vegas investment property.

However, the problem I am having today is kind of complicated.

You see, there is an election going on in the US and both candidates are either well liked; or hated.

The sad thing about this is -- since I am subscribed to several property listing services -- I am being barraged with other CRE company's emails claiming that they have SOLD property in surrounding states at such a high price (or low Cap Rate) that right here in Las Vegas, Sellers are struggling to even attract investor's attention at +8% Cap Rates!

I am, after all, more than willing to help a Seller get as much money for their property as long as the Buyer is willing to accept the Seller's price as a great deal (maybe a steal) from acquiring a real estate property.

What confuses me more than anything else is that our +8% Cap Rates are a steal!

Especially when a McDonald's in Southern California sells for a 3.54% Cap Rate!!  OR, a Walgreen's in Arizona Sells for a 5.33% Cap Rate!

I find this not only confusing, BUT unbelievable!  Why would an investor buy such a property at such a high price -- just because it is located in another state?

IF you are NOT one of these investors, or you are and are now just realizing your mistake, please send me an email and I will gladly send you the latest on the better than average CRE properties that are currently available.

I appreciate your support.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Real Estate Mortgage Payoff!


I am going to get a little too personal in this blog.  I try to NOT talk about myself here.  (There are so many other "things" that are way more interesting then me.)

It's not going to be TMI.  Since, I am not a celebrity or even a 'want-to-be,' there will be no naked pictures.  (My 60 year old body would break the camera.)

Anyway, I have a bone to pick with a mortgage servicing company.

My wife and I took out an Equity Line of Credit ten years ago just in case there were any exceedingly expensive expenses we may encounter during our home ownership stay.

Now that the initial ten years has passed, and our loan is now a 15/15 loan, we have decided to just pay it off.

But, since I deal with lots and lots of real estate investors -- some that I have talked to offered to buy my loan and then I could pay them off!

Sounds good, right?

Anyway, I know the trick to mortgages and since I did help one client to do just this, they have "owed" me ever since.

You see, I know that the mortgage servicing company that "took over my loan" actually "acquired"  my loan from Goldman Sachs "at a very steep discount."

Now, they are trying to convince me to make monthly payments to them for the full loan amount that we currently owe.

So, I said to myself: Self! Since this mortgage servicing company didn't pay full price when they acquired my loan, why don't I just offer them a reduced payoff?.  Then, they would just re-convey the loan to me!  Since they paid less than half of what I owe to buy my loan, I think it is more than fair that I pay them slightly more than what they paid and we can call it even.

Logical, right?!

The mortgage telephone lady said, "I couldn't do that" because "I owe almost $40,000.00."
I told her to have someone from their company who had the authority to say yes, call me.  Once agreed, I would set up a wire transfer between my bank and their bank and we could call it a day.

Hopefully, this works.

I will have to keep you posted.  No calls yet...

In the meantime, for more detailed information about Commercial Real Estate...

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Athletes bilked out of Millions!

My first question is: How does this happen?
My second question is: How do I convince these very same athletes that placing so much of their money with a money manager is NOT a good thing to do!

I know, I know, I am talking to the wall.

The few celebrity athletes that I know, do know other athletes; and they have a frat type aura that they help and/or recommend these supposed ethical money managers to each other.

Unfortunately, they should be more like the Jamal Mashburn type of athlete.  He took charge of his money; he invested in long term CRE properties; and he is one of the "former" athletes that is truly a success story.  And, Keyshawn Johnson is another.

What did Jamal do?  Well, he went out and through his retirement years bought something like 80 NNN properties with national credit tenants paying him a nice monthly income.  And, his property expenses are paid by the tenant.

Excellent Job, Jamal!  Hope you see this and contact me about Nevada NNN Properties!

What, don't believe me when I say Jamal has built a wealth worthy of everyone's envy?  Why don't you take a look for yourself, then?!

Now, if only these "bilked" athletes had been interested in Net Investment property just like Jamal rather than playing like they were wealthy.  Instead of depending solely on a "recommended" money manager, they could have contacted me and I would have (possibly) diverted such potential loss into long term financial gain.  And, it might have looked something like Jamal had done years earlier.

Then, again, I might as well hit my head against the wall.
For one: I would have saved my breath; and two: I'd have done less talking...

More importantly, it might draw more attention to me and a very important post career message.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

"That's a lie! Realtor X said....!"

Talk about disrespect.

Why is it that some people who are supposed to be the closet to you; will treat you with utter disrespect?  You know who I am talking about: Family.

Is it Jealousy?
Are they really that envious of you because you are viewed as being more successful than they are??

Through the years, I have discovered that when certain family members ask me a real estate related question, the hair on the back of my neck feels funny.  So, I usually inquire to myself: Am I being set up?

And, the answer is sure to be: Yes!  Why, yes?  Because most of the time, that's what happens.

They will ask a question, like it's a simple I need to know some of your real estate knowledge type question; I will give an honest answer (why not, it's real estate and most of the time you can search it on the internet); and then, these ungrateful siblings will look at me with that stupid quizzical look in their eyes that say: you're lying!

And, I mean, they will come right out and say to me that I am 'Lying' to them!

What?  Why would I lie to you? I usually ask.
How do you know I am lying? is usually what I have to ask back.

Then, they reveal that they spoke with Mr/Mrs X (for a better nondescript person) and Mr X said -- and they will repeat the lie and announce that they believe it to be true.

I am left dumbfounded.  I usually ask myself just afterward, why?
And the answer is always: Because, there is no reason for me to lie to them.
Why would I?  I am NOT getting any monetary value from it.

It's so frustrating.  I need to learn and stay away from family completely.

This all falls back to my early days in real estate under the tutorial-age of Mike Sitren.

He was correct: One of his rules is and always will be: Don't help family with any real estate related problem; you will regret it.
He emphasized to me one time that: If the transaction goes well, they will assume the credit; if it goes bad, you will get the blame. It's a no-win situation, he said.

And, God Bless the long deceased man.  He is still correct 23 years beyond his departure from this earth.

So, if you are NOT related to me, please remember...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chinese Investors Pour Money Into U.S. Property

This is nothing new.  For several years now, I have heard this tune and it doesn't seem to be letting up.

And with Chinese Companies like Anbang and FoSun acquiring US commercial -- and specifically Manhattan properties -- I don't think the trend is going to end.

The latest is: "China Life Insurance team with US developer to purchase Manhattan office tower that houses UBS."

Now, since commercial property sales have slowed in the U.S. so far this year, it appears that Chinese investors are able and brave enough to continue to plow money into this market.

So far in 2016, Chinese companies have purchased or will closed escrow on 47 U.S. properties worth $9.3 billion -- according to deal tracker Real Capital Analytics.

See the article linked here:

I just hope that these companies will turn their CRE acquisition attention to Las Vegas, NV as a place to invest.

With Las Vegas recovering from the 2008 economic collapse and affected property values dramatically lower, I believe the time is right for Las Vegas CRE to launch into another value increase.

Which means YOU should be taking advantage of these lower priced Las Vegas CRE properties.

So, IF you have any questions about investing in Las Vegas commercial real estate, contact me with your questions and I will reply as quickly as possible.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Has the Fontainebleau Las Vegas become a Joke as well as an Eyesore?

Several years ago, I wrote an offer for this property.  The Japanese Buyer I represented said $450 Million was enough.  He believed -- as I do -- there was a lot more work to be done than met the eye.

When Carl bought this out of BK on 2009, that left a lot of unpaid sub-contractors who eventually had to close shops. True: That's not his fault.

(Full Disclosure: my wife's company worked on this and was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars, which was then in turn owed to other vendors for products they didn't get paid for.)

But, Carl paid $156 Million for this property and then did nothing.  Everybody knew Carl was just going to sit on this.  And the reason he sat is because: Carl is NOT a developer.  He built his reputation on being able to buy companies cheaply, then sell off parts for more money.  I say: Good for him!

But, I do believe that his acquisition of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas has become a mistake.

Yes, I wanted to list the property and was denied.  That's okay.  I can now sit and watch the unfolding of an over priced building slowly, slowly falling apart.

In the picture, I took while on the 'Strip' with out of town family just this past Friday night, the Fontainebleau Las Vegas does appear to be slowly rotting away.

The sunset gives the abandoned property a certain haze that does suggest that no one really cares about it anymore.

Anyway, I am more convinced that this property -- which I still believe is located on the wrong section of Las Vegas Blvd -- isn't worth the $500 Million Carl's CEO told me he thought it was worth three years ago.  (Then, again, Carl's CEO opinion isn't the important one.  Carl's opinion is the only one that matters.)

So, when it was surprisingly listed this past November for $650 Million, I was floored.  You got to be kidding was my response.  And, the fact that the listing broker said in a reply email to me that they weren't going to split any commission, I thought: How greedy?  (I have a copy of the email stating that they were not sharing.)

So, I am now working on other properties with other sellers/buyers and I am trying my best to convince them that the 50% completed Fontainebleau Las Vegas isn't worth pursuing.  I truly don't see the value given that Resort World and the Alon have stalled in their construction.

So sad.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Has Resort World Hit a Glitch?

I do know that Boyd Gaming wishes they had never tore down their Cash Cow Stardust property.  It was old and out dated, yet it was paid for.

Resort World, came to town and quickly snapped up the mostly vacant lot for an exceptional price.  $350 Million for +/-88 acres OR just under $4 Million an acre.

But, now I think, Genting Gaming finally realizes they bought on the wrong end of Las Vegas Blvd.

"The Strip" as it is known worldwide, runs from +/-Russell Road at the "Welcome to Las Vegas Sign" up to and including the Venetian and Palazzo Resort.  Anything north of the Spring Mt and Las Vegas Blvd intersection is truly NOT on "The Strip."

Now, Steve Wynn will say he's on "The Strip."  Ok, I'll go along with that simply because he's right at the NEC of this very intersection (Spring Mt turns into Twain from Las Vegas Blvd east).  And the Fashion Mall is on the NWC, so I'll allow them to say they are on "The Strip" too.

But, since the north part of this intersection has never truly ever been financially successful, it truly isn't "The Strip."  You see, the Strip is the section of Las Vegas Blvd where there are +/-100,000 people walking to and fro from one casino to another.  It is essentially the Entertainment Corridor that made Las Vegas famous for being the fun, party city it is.

And, if you ask most people what Las Vegas Blvd intersection they know the best or think of when they think of Las Vegas, they will say Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd.

Now, as for the North end of Las Vegas Blvd, the Fontainebleau at maybe 50% completed sits unfinished because it is way, way overpriced.  I wrote an offer for it a few years ago at $450 Million, yet that was turned down as being too little.

The Alon, which sits almost directly across the street from the Wynn, is (apparently) struggling to raise the additional $300 Million needed to begin construction.

And, Wynn is proposing to build a +/-40 acre lake that will draw hotel guest away from the casino and out into the bright hot sun.  A Retired Gaming executive once told me you don't want your guest just sitting around lounging by the pool.  You want them inside the casino -- gambling.

Anyway, I always felt that Steve Wynn knew what he was doing.

Anyway, here is an article from Motley Fool you should read.  I feel it explains a lot about the North end of Las Vegas Blvd and the lack of construction in this area.  And, since there is very little foot traffic in this area, it is NOT the section of "The Strip" or more accurately Las Vegas Blvd that will be successful.

(You may have to copy and paste into your browser.)

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Looking For a CRE Steal in Las Vegas? What about a Great Deal @ +/-9% Cap!

In the past I have written about Las Vegas CRE Cap Rates.

But, most investors I deal with on a regular basis truly don't understand how Cap Rates work.

Now, I don't mean to insult anyone, but I do need to explain that as long as long term interest rates are set at a number so low, the cause/effect of those low rates will keep CRE selling prices high -- which means low Cap Rates!

You see, if you get a loan at 3 or 4 percent, Cap Rates will remain at 5 to 6 percent.  It's just fundamentals. (Please contact an economist for further explanation.)

Anyway, back to my theme...

A local property owner contacted me last week to ask me if I could help him find a buyer for a property he acquired out of foreclosure a few months ago.  You see, he re-leased the property to the existing tenant on new five year lease; and now wants to sell where he would make a small profit. (I always consider $100,000 a small profit.)

Anyway, I took the property information, sent it out to six or seven experienced property owners I had grown to know through the years and waited for their response.

One, called me right away and said: "That property is Crap! Find me a Good Deal!"

Not insulted, because I do understand this investor's thinking.  He was actually the one who wanted me to find him a Walgreen's at an 8% Cap Rate. (They currently don't exist anywhere in the US.)

Anyway, I had to explain to him that the tenant's lease was a new ink not dried five year lease, with a five year option.  I told him he would actually be buying this property at a 9.5+/-% Cap Rate.  In essence, this is a steal!

So, the tenant isn't a national credit corporation; the tenant only has this single location; and he had been very, very busy operating his auto repair/tire business here for many, many years.

Is the property old?  Of course.  The building was built in 1970.
Was the lot large enough for his use? Yes, it is!  It is on a .51 acre parcel right on a corner. (And, it is fenced!)
Is the street traffic busy enough? Yes!  It is addressed on a heavily traffic street that runs east west across the Las Vegas Valley.
Plus, there is a Lowe's and a Walgreen's in what I term: "Within Throwing Distance." (Now, I know for a fact that I can't throw that far, but you get the idea.)

Still, the price, the newness of the lease, the fact that the tenant had been there for a long, long time and is paying a good monthly rent of $5,200 NNN per month, you would think that this might be flip-able in the near future(?).

Well, if you buy at a 9.5% Cap Rate -- when long term interest rates are at 3-4%, all of you should be picking up your cellular phones and calling me ASAP!

Asking price? $750,000!  Selling price? $650,000.

What are you waiting for? Call me!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Chinese are NOT fearful of Trump. (I think they know he lacks presidential leadership qualities!)

Over the past few months -- especially the last few weeks -- many of the overseas investors I have been working with have stated to me how fearful they are of a Trump presidency.

One client from Europe said that the European Union doesn't want to invest in the US because they think Trump has a chance of winning the Presidency. (He actual said Trump thinks he is running for dictator of the US.)

My Middle Eastern client said that one of his investors is a Sheikh and the Sheikh said he will NOT invest in the US because of Trump's supposed ban on Muslims entering the US.

However, Anbang has continued to make offers on US companies and buy up US properties regardless of Trump's Chinese bashing.  This made me think two things:

1.) The Chinese know that what Trump is proposing is as doable as any of Bernie Sanders proposals.  They will never get done; and,

2.) The Chinese understand that old white men are the ones supporting Trump through the primary process.  They know that Trump doesn't have a chance at being elected president at all.

Recent general election polls that I have seen on the Internet show that even Bernie Sanders would be able to beat Trump in the general election.  And even though there is a lot of hate being spewed by the far right about Hillary Clinton, she would beat Trump easily.

So, with this in mind, I hope to quell any foreign investor fears that Trump will ever reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC -- I just don't foresee this ever happening.

And, as far as I am concerned, Trump invalidates, bullies, and pontificates a hatred that only  (ignorant) old white men are willing to embrace.

When my ancestors were the first to come to America -- along with the other foreign people who followed along after them (not a legal issue at the time), they were the ones who made the country it is.  And, then, other people from around the world came -- all searching for a better life, and a better way of living. (The Statue of Liberty emphasizes this point.)

And the Chinese know that the type of leader Trump is demonstrating he is and would be, will not win enough votes to win the general election of the freest, most democratic country in the world.

So, please overseas investors, relax.  Trump will not be elected President.  If the Chinese know he  truly is not qualified to lead the free world; he isn't.

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Monday, March 7, 2016


First of all, if you are an experienced hotelier, you need to download, fill out, scan, and email back to me the form under the Las Vegas Casino Information button in the right hand column.

Once I have that filled out formed -- and signed by your company signatory -- I will forward the appropriate property detail for your review.

But, to wet your appetite, there are two up and running resort properties that could be acquired.

The First is a large Las Vegas Resort Casino Property.  Then, again, the Non Circumvent and Commission Agreement is required in order to receive any details on either property.

The Second is a smaller property and costs... Then, again, the form...

But, I will disclose that these will cost you in the hundreds of millions -- each.

If interested (and you are qualified to apply and receive a Nevada Unrestricted gaming license, you must provide the Seller with your financial capability and Proof of Funds to close!

And, this is needed prior to the release of any property information.

The Sellers are looking for people/companies that are either licensed already - or are people/companies that have the capability of being licensed with the Nevada Gaming Control Unrestricted Nevada Gaming License.

NOW, lastly, there is still property that is "develop-able." But, please still adhere to my Las Vegas Casino Information button to receive that property information as well.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

What other people think (of me), is none of my business!

About 20 years ago, I learned about this quote.

When I first heard it, it was attributed to A.L Williams. (Yes, the Prime America guy.)

And, every now and then, especially when I start feeling as if "others" around me (business and personal relationships) are invalidating me, I have to force myself to NOT reply or respond to anything they are saying.  I do my best to just let them vent and then, I try to ignore them as much as possible.

You see: when "others" are being critical (invalidating) of you, they are disrespecting you.  In my case, as a real estate broker for 25 years, I am the most knowledgeable about real estate within my family and small circle of friends.

But, since my sibling family members like to refer to me as being "Bossy," this form of criticism always comes across as disrespectful -- even though they think it is being helpful.  And, I believe the reason for their disrespect is that I do have a better working knowledge about real estate than they have.  However, I believe this makes them jealous.  And that jealousy is what leads them to being so disrespectful of me.

Fortunately, my 'clients' refer to me as "Knowledgeable,"  So, I will take this criticism gratefully.

For example: one of my younger brothers thought he should get into real estate to buy and rent out houses.  He was going to grow his real estate portfolio and become rich.

So, once he owned a few properties, loan rates went down, so he decided, back in 2005 or 2006, to refinance the three residential properties he owned.  Back then, I warned him to NOT refinance ALL of his properties at once with the same lender, because I knew his lender of choice would cross-collateralize his properties.

But, he said that wasn't going to happen, because he said the Loan Officer said that, that would NOT happen.

Then, last year, he tried to sell one of the houses.  Once in escrow, the lender send a payoff  amount for all three loans at the same time.  He decided to sue.  He lost his lawsuit.

So, now, I am NOT being boastful about this.  I am only emphasizing that I know more about real estate than a wanna be house owner landlord.

Am I sorry for his dilemma?  No.  I just wish he had listened to me (and I wish he had viewed my advice as being the truth based on my years of experience in real estate).  But, since to him, I was being "Bossy," he listen to "others" who were in fact, lying to him just so they could earn the loan origination fee.

Unfortunately, since he viewed me as being "Bossy," he is now in a situation where he has to sell all three houses at once to get out of the loan(s).

I can only be reminded what Mike Sitren told me years ago: Don't help family with real estate.  They will never appreciate your efforts.

So, if you are going to call me Bossy, because I suggest you do/do not do something in real estate, best of luck to you.  I don't need your invalidation and...

...what you think (of me) is none of my business.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Las Vegas Boulevard vs "The Strip!" There is a difference! Hint? North and South

Everybody in the World has heard of or has some knowledge of the Las Vegas "Strip!"

It is one of those topics that every so often gets tossed around every now and then and everyone who has ever visited Las Vegas knows everything about Las Vegas -- especially "The Strip!"

Well, did you know there is a good "Strip" and a bad "Strip?"

If you didn't, you are NOT alone.

Many, many people will read something about Las Vegas -- either because they are planning a visit; or, they are searching for a property -- and run into the phrase: 'located on the world famous Las Vegas "Strip!"'

In most cases, that might be true.  But, just because they have a Las Vegas Boulevard address doesn't mean that they are actually located on the "Strip!" And, if the property is located on Las Vegas Boulevard between Spring Mountain and Downtown Las Vegas, that "technically" is NOT "The Strip!"

Unfortunately, that is simply Las Vegas Boulevard.

"The Strip" is actually the part of Las Vegas Boulevard that runs from the 'Welcome to Las Vegas Sign' up to and might even include Wynn Resort and the Fashion Show Mall.  This is where Spring Mountain Road and it's cross street partner intersects Las Vegas Boulevard.  You know this intersection because this is where the Venetian is on the SEC; and TI is on the SWC.  And, Wynn is on the NEC.

So, nothing north of this location is truly "On the Strip," even though the casino owners of the properties north of this intersection will beg to differ.  You see, the Fontainebleau, Resort World, and that proposed new development Alon are all close to this intersection.  But, even though they claim they are on "The Strip," they truly are NOT.

To Prove my point, here is a link to aerial shots of "Strip" located Las Vegas Resorts that are on "The Las Vegas Strip." (You may have to copy and  paste in browser if link doesn't work.)

SLS, Circus Circus, and even the Stratosphere advertise that they are on "The Strip" when in fact, they are merely on Las Vegas Boulevard.  Of course, they justify this by saying they are located on "The North Strip."  But, that's just semantics, right? And, I would say that Trump Tower is NOT located on the Strip -- even though it is directly behind the new Alon (supposed James Packard project) development.

So, do most of you understand what I am saying?

"The Strip" has +100,000 people on average in foot traffic just about daily.  Las Vegas Boulevard to the north of Spring Mountain doesn't.

So, if you are a resort buyer, please beware of any property that is being advertised as: "On The Strip."  It is probably not.

If you have any questions about this topic, please click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button to the right, print the form, sign and email it back to me.  Once this is agreed to, I will be most happy to help you understand the difference.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Update! Resorts, Hospitality, Gaming and Restaurant Properties!

Update! Resorts, Hospitality, Gaming and Restaurant Properties!

Are you interested in owning a Las Vegas Resort, Hospitality, Gaming or Restaurant Property?

If so, I can help!  Since the economic meltdown, the few that remain means they are pretty good investments.

And, if a 'major' Las Vegas Resort is within your acquisition criteria and financial capability, please click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button in the right hand column. There you will find an Agreement.  Please have your company's CEO or Authorized Signature fill this out completely, sign, scan and email back to me for further details on those properties that are available.

For less expensive Hotel-Motel, Gaming, Restaurants and Bars, please email me your contact information and acquisition criteria.  Once I have received this, I will be able to forward those opportunities as they arise.

I would also appreciate being able to add you -- if you qualify, to my investor client list. That way, when a specific property that I know you are interested in comes available, I would like to be able to send it to you quickly so you can better judge the property information and gauge the extent of your interest in acquiring it.  If not interested, just simply delete and wait for the next property to become available.

Lastly, if truly interested in becoming a gaming proprietor, you will need to apply for and be approved by the State of Nevada Gaming Control Board.  I can refer an attorney to you.

Please understand, that this will be required whether you are trying to acquire a resort casino or a small tavern/supper club property.  Being approved prior to making an offer, will speed up the purchase process since most Sellers will NOT have a close of escrow contingent upon you receiving gaming approval.

I appreciate your patience in this and hope to be able to bring you other Las Vegas Properties to you for your review in the next few months.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Las Vegas "Strip" Property For Sale!

There have been a lot of 'hits' on my web site about Las Vegas Casino Properties.  Several have been searching for "Strip" Properties.

Fortunately, there is a property located on the Las Vegas Strip that is For Sale.  (I will have to double checked with the owner; to make sure it is still has it on the market.)

The price might will seem high to a first time Las Vegas Casino Property Buyer.  However, since the property falls under the Clark County Gaming Overlay; and, it is located within the "Resort Corridor," the Owner is being smart in their pricing.

The property is large enough to develop a Resort Gaming property with +/-thousands of rooms in hotel Towers that could reach 500', it is also large enough to include a Mall, and enough frontage along the "Strip" for restaurants or retail shops.

Also, the Owner is willing to compensate me for bringing a Buyer.

Want the details?

Then click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button located in the right hand column; Print the Non-Circumvent Form; Have your President or CEO fill it out completely (authorized signatory's only); and scan and email it back to me.  This is necessary so that I know that everyone stays honest with each other.

Any questions?

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Monday, January 11, 2016

“Tell Trump To Shut the F…. Up!”

I absolutely hate any and all political seasons -- especially pre-primary season when candidates from all walks of life are out to impress as many voters as possible.

I especially hate the ones who think invalidating other candidates or groups of people because they are just trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Right now, the worst thing that could happen to the Good Ole US of A is: Donald Trump.  And, he knows it.

He has no chance of being elected, yet the news media covers him because - well, they don't know what stupid thing he is going to say next.

I have been trying for more than a year now to get a Middle Eastern Businessman to buy a Las Vegas Gaming Resort Property.  I thought I was very, very close to getting the offer approval from the Businessman's board/Investors when Donald Trump once again opened his big mouth.

By even saying he wanted to ban Muslims from coming to the US, Donald actually said to the world, I am too stupid to be president.  The thing is, Adolf Hilter did this back in 1928 or 1929 against the Jews.  We know how that turned out.

Granted, the US is NOT going to open concentration camps, but the rhetoric still stings.

Now, my Businessman client, on December 27th, sent me an email which said--- why don't I just let you read it for yourself:

I’m in Abu Dhabi right now (50 minutes drive from Dubai) attending a 2 days Board meeting,and to be honest with you we do have a huge investor on the Board who doesn’t want to even hear about investment in the U.S.A after Donald (Stupid) Trump comments banning Muslims from coming to America so he said “and Muslims Money are not coming to America too you Fool”

It is very tense right now as every one on the Board respect and Love this Guy!!, we'll see what happens.
“Tell Trump To Shut the F…. Up” would you please.please. Thanks.J.

So, if Donald is so far behind in the over all voter polls, why is he so popular in the Republican polls?
Oh, maybe it is because most Republicans are idiots just like him?  I truly don't think so.  But, Donald is truly demonstrating his idiocy.

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