Monday, September 24, 2018

Sports Loving Investors! A Las Vegas Sports Bar For Sale at +/-6% Cap Rate!

With Football back in full swing, I'm hoping for a tremendous Football Season!

Okay, I'm a Patriots Fan and they forgot to show up against Detroit!
(I guess they wanted Matt Patricia to win so badly, they gave him the game?!)

Sorry, Lions fans!

With that said, there are fabulous opportunities for the right Sports Loving enthusiast to acquire a perfect Net Leased Investment Property where local Las Vegans go to wet their whistles and make friendly wagers on the games right inside of the bar!

That's right!  These Sports Bars are now licensed to have a sports wagering kiosk that can accept wagers on the game right at the bar location without having to go to a major resort to place a bet at a sports book!

And, these are located in these particular sports bars because of the credibility of the Tenant which is a National Credit Tenant who -- at this particular location -- is on the hook for at least 13 more years with a Corporate Guarantee!

So, if you are interested in a long term Net Lease Investment, this is the property to acquire!

Not only does this property have 13 years remaining on the initial lease term, the tenant is paying a 2.5% increase per year (which doesn't happen anymore for this tenant), and for the options, the rent increase is 3%!

AND, for a long, long time, I have blogged about these types of properties because I feel that these NET LEASED INVESTMENTS! are the best to have and hold long term.

The Tenant at this location pays for the building maintenance, the building's Real Estate Taxes, and Insurance on top of their  $202,000+/- annual rent!

So, if you have been searching for a long term single tenant NNN Investment, this is for you!

Don't wait!  Email me right away so you do NOT swing and miss on this too good of an investment opportunity!

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

RIP, Tiah Brooks!

Way back in 1998 when I decided to stop selling/financing homes and to get into Commercial Real Estate (CRE), I met a nice, professional woman by the name of Tiah Brooks.

She was an enthusiastic title representative, a mom and a wife! (This is the order that I knew her.  It's NOT the order that others knew her. I hope you get the drift!)

She helped me through several escrows, and she was instrumental in making sure I continued to think First American Title when any CRE sales popped up on my CRE schedule.

Anyway, the last time a saw her was a while ago.  Her daughter was attending University of Nevada Reno and she was going to make a journey up to see her.  She never let on that she was sick or just how sick she was.

This past week, I just found out, Tiah passed away.  Apparently she had been very sick and she only allowed a few people to know just how sick she truly was.

RIP, Tiah!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Here Come The California License Plates!

Full Disclosure!

I am guilty of this!

Years & Years ago, I grew tired of the hustle & bustle of Massachusetts!

Longing for a change, I broke up with my then Girlfriend, packed my things and moved to California!

At that time, I had always wanted to go to LA.  The warmer climate suited me.

While there, I worked a variety of jobs, some on Film/TV sets, and I met my wife/life partner.

Recently, we were discussing the heavier than usual traffic in and around our Las Vegas neighborhood.  I mentioned that I am seeing a lot more California license plates on various vehicles and she reaffirmed this.

She added, "Their driving is atrocious!"

Bemused, I agreed.

Lately, for some reason, there seems to be a lot more California license plates on vehicles driving around Las Vegas.

I don't know the reason.
I don't have any statistics that would confirm this observation or not.
I have NOT discussed this with anyone else, so this is just my opinion.

Now, I don't care if there are more Californians moving to Las Vegas.
(I'm guilty of this when we moved out of overcrowded Los Angeles in 1991.)

I take it in the ensuing years, things have just gotten more crowded in Southern California.

I try my best to NOT go there unless it is absolutely, impossible to NOT go.

Lately, I've succeeded in staying away.

And, I do receive a lot of up calls from real estate investors considering acquiring a Las Vegas property -- which is okay with me.  If you have cash, give me a call! I will find a suitable CRE property for you!

Will this trend continue?
I hope so.

In my profession, I really don't care where buyers or sellers hail from -- as long as they are qualified!

If qualified,

Contact David Howes at: davidATdavidhowesDOTnet
OR; 7 0 2 5 0 1 9 3 8 8
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Have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Passive, Net Leased, Freestanding Real Estate Investment Income UPDATE!

With the recent news of Actors/Entertainers working day jobs, I think this should bring into focus just how volatile your work income could be.

Actors/Entertainers will work on a single project for maybe a few days to a few months.  If they are lucky enough to work on a popular TV Show or in a Hit Film, or even if they sing/write a hit song, they will have a steady flow of residual income for a particular period of time post the end of that project.

However, most end up working a "Regular Job" to make ends meet.

And, there is nothing wrong with that!

However, what is wrong is the lack of investing in income sustaining investments -- whether stocks, bonds or in my expertise, Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

The wife recently made me realize that in the blog readers everyday life, if you are NOT experienced in Real Estate, when someone like me comes along and I refer to Real Estate investing in terms such as: "Passive" or "NNN" or "Net Leased Property," you might conjure up an image of troublesome tenants who you will have to hunt down to collect your monthly rents.

Then again, I am NOT trying to point you in the direction of becoming heavily involved in property management.  My intention is to help you -- if you are a novice when it comes to real estate investing -- to become more educated and to better understand this lucrative world with as little anxiety for or against property management concerns as possible.

And, a "Triple Net" or "NNN" property is that type of venue for you.  These types of real estate investments are the most popular type of real estate ownership.  AND, even experienced real estate investors looking for a better than average Wall Street type of investment product, will acquire these types of property simply because of their better than normal Return On Investment (ROI).  Unfortunately, most normal people do NOT understand this because these properties are the last thing you would think about when you think about real estate.

Summerlin Area Map

So, you see, as an owner of a "Net Leased Property" that has a Credit Tenant under a "Triple Net Leased" property, you simple collect rent.  Your monthly or quarterly responsibility is to cash the Tenant's rent check.   (Well, with direct deposit, it is checking to see if it was deposited.)

Another advantage is that even without a mortgage loan secured by a Note and Trust Deed, you still gain an the equity of the property for the time you own the property.  And, the Tenant in a "Net Leased" Property is (usually) responsible to pay ALL of the expenses associated with the property.  That means, your property's Real Estate Taxes, Insurance and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) are paid by the Tenant.  AND, you will receive (in most NNN Leases) an annual increase in the Tenant's Monthly Rent.  So, as you can see, the longer the tenant stays either through their initial lease or through their options or extensions, their annual rent usually goes up and they will cover your property ownership cost as well.

Sure, in the last few years, we have seen a decrease in real estate values.  Monthly rents have decreased as well.  And, as Tenants have gone out of business and moved out, it was because Tenants could no longer afford the rent because their business has suffered dramatically from the collapse of the housing financing market.  But, the properties mostly hurt in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) realm were Multi-Tenant properties, such as: Business Parks, Shopping Centers and Professional Offices.

So, for properties that are free of the property management hassle, a freestanding NNN passive, investment property is the way to go.  Thus, the current higher than normal demand for these properties has driven the acquisition price higher.  Thus, lowering the Cap Rates.  And, thus -- just like the rest of the US, Las Vegas Cap Rates for these properties is heading down -- which means acquiring a 9% Cap Rate property is far and few between.  In other words very, very few remain unsold.

So, be brave.  John Wayne made his fortune in Orange County Real Estate development.  Why do you think Orange County named their airport after him.  And, Wayne Rogers from the early M*A*S*H! fame, quit TV because Real Estate even back in the 1970's was making him more money than TV.

And those of you currently earning a majority of your income from TV Royalties, you will soon learn the fate that Alan Alda learned as M*A*S*H! grew old in syndication.  The show quickly lost appeal as the show grew older.  And, this makes the TV Show less valuable.  Thus, Alan Alda earned less and less as the show grew older.

And, even IF you want some of the rent income to go toward charity or just to pay your monthly household expenses, a steady income from a Net Leased property allows you that opportunity.

So, give me a call.  Let's discuss this further.  Once you have seen the light of a regular monthly income, you will NOT want to go back to business as usual.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My 89 Year Old Mom Fell and Broke Her Ribs!

OK, something personal this time around.

My Mom turned 89 this past May.

She still lives alone and was laundering her sheets when she tripped and fell on them while remaking her bed.

Now, us siblings have long said she needs someone to live with her.

One of my younger brothers has been, but he also has a full time job, and can't be there full time.

So, another younger brother suggested we get her an "assistant."  I reminded the siblings that, that will never work because Mom wants to remain independent.

(If your Mom is like my Mom, you understand.)

(Just to clarify, I have four brothers and three sisters.  BTW: the Irish Catholic rhythm method doesn't work.)

Anyway, last week my sister, Susan, texted that Mom was in the hospital because she fell while making her bed.

My brother, Thomas, confirmed later that Mom broke 5 ribs but they weren't displaced.  I guess that is the "Good News!"

The wife & I decided to send a 'Get Well' gift to my Mom.

As of Monday, my Mom was home and resting.

Since she lives in Massachusetts and we live in Las Vegas, there's probably a field trip over the holidays to visit her.


Your Mom is your Mom regardless of your ages!

Get Well, Mom!

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