Monday, November 28, 2016

The Sunset on Trump's Presidency can't get here quick enough!

If you have driven from Southern California to Las Vegas, Nevada along I-15 in the last 6 months or so -- or you will be traveling to Las Vegas on this route before May, 2018 -- as you drive between the Gold Strike Casino in Jean, NV and the M Resort, in Henderson, NV you would have or will see off to the east the renowned Swiss Artist Ugo Rondinone's colorful large-scale, public artwork 'Seven Magic Mountains' -- which is on a two-year exhibition located along this interstate freeway.

We drove out there on Saturday and was surprised by the number of visitors to this site.  Most, obviously, were international tourists. (One even asked me to take a picture of their family with the Exhibit in the background for them.)

While there, I started to think that this colorful display was at first interesting to see.  It was something different.  But, after a short while, and it being late in the day rapidly becoming evening, I looked west to get a glimpse of the sunset. It was truly beautiful even though the temperature was rapidly dropping.  (This is a desert of course.)

Then, I thought, this seems like Trump's presidential campaign: nice and colorful while being brightly lit in the light of day, but cold and dusty as the spotlight was fading.

And with Trump insisting there was election day fraud and that he would have won the popular vote if not for the election rigging, I challenge Trump to order recounts in every state, to prove to me, he wasn't behind any election rigging in the first place.

(Me thinks you protest too much!)

I say this because since I am the recipient of a client bailing on acquiring a large real estate sale that would have earned me +/-$5 Million because Trump may/may not win the Electoral College vote December 19th, I think I am entitled.

Which leads me to: I can't wait for this Trump's presidency flim-flam to end quick enough.

(Trump's persona overshadowing Trump's reality)

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

An example of how Trump would be as an International Diplomat!

With Trump's (supposed) win of this year's US Presidential Election, I stand to lose more than $5 Million in CRE commissions that I would have earned if Tump lost.  (Well, he lost the popular vote but is still considered the winner because of the upcoming electoral college vote.)

With that said, I have no love for Donald J Trump ascending to the US Presidency at all.  (He's already cost me money and he isn't even sworn in yet.)

Just after the election, I was approached by a relative who said that I should at least give Trump a chance.  OK.  Chance is over.

Then, this morning, I see this article in the Las Vegas Sun about Trump's Scotland Golf Course Resort development.  When Trump being the pushy bully he is caused him to run afoul of some land owners who refused to be bullied into selling their land to Trump, Trump took his bullying to the next step of invalidating them and bullying them even further.  (Nice negotiating practice.)

Now, I don't know about you, but I truly don't think that, that is/was the way to handle this situation.  (Because I am not privy to any details of this; and I am only going by what is reported here, I will assume Trump sucks as a negotiator.)

And, what this article demonstrates to me is: Trump isn't qualified to be US President -- if this is how he "negotiates" deals.

Throughout most of the free world, bullies are viewed as very, very weak people.  Trump has always demonstrated to me that if he doesn't get his way, he will bully you until he does.

(I feel sorry for the Midwestern voters who have fallen victim to Trump's rhetoric. AND, I felt more sorry for the Hillary voters who helped Hillary win the popular election by 2 million plus votes, but (may lose) the elector college vote this coming December 19th.

(I am hoping beyond hope that the electoral college voters will see through Trump's (phony) rhetoric and vote Hillary anyway -- since they are only required by the constitution to vote for one of the top 3 candidates who received popular votes.  For some reason, I keep thinking that (maybe) the sane electoral voters will vote Hillary since she only needs 270 votes to win the presidency.)

Anyway, here's the article about Trump's Scotland Golf Course Resort (debacle) where he treated the opposition to his course -- well, like the bully he truly is.

(Copy and paste in your browser if needed.)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


As a Pilgrim descendant, I hope all of you have a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What IF the Electoral College does hold Trump's Indiscretions against him and Voted Hillary?

Somewhere, I can't find it now -- but someone, maybe a politician, proposed an idea to have the Electoral College NOT vote for Trump.  By Constitutional requirement, the Electoral College Voters are only required to vote for one of the top three vote getting candidates.)

Anyway, this politician said that the Electoral College is only obligated to vote the way the state voted by the state they are in.  There is no Federal Regulation that indicates the Electoral Voter MUST vote that way.

Anyway, I keep thinking that this could be a possibility!

Wait, oh that's right.  Then, Trump's claim the election results are rigged would make him correct and NOT a liar about this subject!  So, then, he'd be telling the truth.

Oh, well.  Rig away Electoral Voters! Please?!

*For anyone voting, here is a short list of Trump’s major indiscretions. Please take the time to read it. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we don’t forget everything that this man has said, done and been caught for in the last few days before election:  Lock Trump Up! Lock Trump Up!

- Suggested that all Muslims should be registered. 
- Suggested all Muslims should be banned.
- Caught in a lie regarding September 11th, in which he stated a false story about seeing Muslims celebrate in order to garner support for his agenda to ban or register Muslims. 
- Suggested Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers. 
- Spent 5 years riding the extremely racist “Birther” wave in which he tried to prove Obama was not American, even after he had the proof that he was.
- Was caught in a tape bragging about molesting women because he can get away with it. 
- Applauded, invoked and defended physical violence against protesters at his rallies and specifically stated he missed the good old days when you could take black men out back and beat them.
- Has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct.
- Caught for not paying taxes.
- Caught for outsourcing his business to other countries after stating that businesses should only be doing business in America.
- Stated that women who have abortions should be punished. (Just so you know: the only way to change a women's right to an abortion is via a Constitutional amendment -- like changing the electoral college process.)
- Has stated that gay rights will be “drawn back." (Since has stated that this issue was settled.)
- Stated that climate change is a hoax.
- Attacked a fallen soldier’s family for a week because they are Muslim.
- Called John McCain a loser for being captured.
- Has repeatedly shown that he is in cahoots with Putin, and now has evidence suggesting that he has been linked to the email hacks. 
- Lied and said Mexico is going to pay for a wall.
- Has been called out by several small businesses for malpractice.
- Is currently being investigated for sexual misconduct and in court for several law suits.
- Made several aggressively misogynistic attacking remarks at several different female reporters and opposers.
- Has stated that he does not respect women.
- Has bragged that his wife does whatever he tells her to.
- Shown utter ignorance in regards to nuclear weapons.
- Stated the second amendment supporters could “do something” about Hillary.
- Has stated he may not accept the outcome of the election.
- Has stated he wants to bring back stop and frisk.
-Caused me to lose millions in CRE commissions by being elected. (Most important one.)

*I found this on the Internet under: List of Donald Trump's indiscretions,

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Retail Big Box Stores are Dying!

With that said, I have no hard proof of this.

This was just my observation as in being an: "Observing Participant"  ...or is it: "Participating Observant?"

Anyway, my wife has a "Hospitality, Interior Design Industry Award" dinner she and her business partner need to attend this coming week,  And, she had gone through all of her formal dresses and declared she "had nothing to wear."

So, being the thoughtful, caring husband I think I am, I offered to go with her to 'help' her select an appropriate dress for the evening.

We did go to all of the known national brand woman's clothing stores and right after exiting the 3rd one, I got the feeling that what my wife was looking for, she was never going to find in a 'dress shop' as she called them.

Well, after several more store searches -- including a bridal shop that we stopped at just by chance to see if any of the 'brides maid dresses on the 'clearance rack' would suffice, I was doing my usual looking around when I realized that most (I am being kind here) 'looked' as well stocked with items as a thrift store.  Seriously!

As I wandered over across an aisle from where my wife was thumbing through the hoard of dress styles and patterns, etc., I browsed a section of coffee mugs. (I needed the break of trying to see through the bizarre array of dresses and dress patterns to get my brain back in order.

Anyway, as I was looking at the various coffee mugs with the various (attempted) inspirational sayings and slogans -- and 'Star Wars' characters on them, (I like the Darth Vader emotions one), it finally hit me that these national brand stores are only selling junk, just like the thrift stores!

Seriously, junk clothes, junk coffee mugs, candle holders, trays, pots and pans -- you get my drift.

It is no wonder that retail malls and large shopping centers are failing -- they are losing tenants and clients quicker than they can re-lease the space.

And i think the reason is quite evident.  It is like our daughter said: she doesn't like going to malls or retail stores because she said she always finds what she is looking for -- on the Internet,

And, sadly, add to this that the selves of products and clothing racks are so over-picked by the store customers that the store doesn't have enough employees to follow-up behind them to ensure the store remains neat and tidy for appearance sake.

So, by the end of the 'shopping spree,' I was severely mentally overloaded.  No wonder I dislike shopping so much.

Toward the end, I suggested to my wife, we would probably have better luck finding a dress she could wear at a thrift store.  She replied: I am not plus sized!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


With the Presidential Election results confirmed, Trump is elected to Office.

Now, I don't -- and never did -- agree with the Americans who voted for him, because I know Trump  is never, ever going to bring back jobs that were shipped to Mexico and overseas; build a wall; or last more than 4 years in office.  I am hopeful that the non-educated white male voter will in short time see through Trump's facade; and, then learn to regret they fell victim to his "bring back jobs" jargon.

Why do I think this?

It is because I truly believe Trump has no intentions of actually serving as US President.  Once sworn into office, I think Trump will then resign, because I never understood the reason for a man who makes +/-$500,000 per month accepting a position that only pays $450,000 per year.  I think he will return to New York to continue his charade as a billionaire businessman. (That's just me thinking out loud.)

As for right now, most of this post-election day after, I will be spending trying to contact and convince my international hotelier client -- who is just about impossible to reach on a regular basis -- to proceed with acquiring the Las Vegas Resort I wrote the offer for.  I hope that I will be able to alter his stance of not moving forward if Trump is elected.

And, yes, I am well versed in Tom Hopkin's "How to Master the Art of Selling" sales closes.  But, so is my client -- which you would expect him to be, right?

(Seems my work is cut out for me, wouldn't you agree?)

All I can say is: I am just going to move forward; strive for a better life for myself, my wife, and my adult children.  And I hope Donald doesn't do or say anything else that will lead to other people's lives being dramatically altered for the worse.

Oh, well.  Moving forward.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

"Don't Vote Trump!" says a former Casino Executive.

I wish this had been published earlier.  I would have loved to present this a few weeks or even a month ago.

But a former Casino executive who managed Trump Plaza in Atlantic City while Harrah's was in a partnership with Trump claims that Trump is truly NOT fit to be US President.

I will let you read this for yourself.

And, lastly, if Trump is elected, I will lose Million$ of dollar$ in Comississions because my Middle Eastern Businessman client has repeatedly stated that his investors don't trust Trump at all.

I get the feeling they know Trump better than those supporting/voting for him.

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