Sunday, October 12, 2014

Attention! Athletes & Celebrities! CRE can secure your future, too!

Recently, there was an article about Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame Quarterback who helped the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowls back in the 1970's!

Now, I do know a little bit about Roger personally. I remember him as a very good Quarterback who made a good living during his Hall of Fame laden career.

And, I knew Roger had invested in Real Estate early in his career and made a name for himself as an outstanding real estate broker. What he is known for today is being a very successful broker who built a company from scratch and sold it for millions a few years back. He did NOT strive for an extravagant, a high flying lifestyle, because he knew that living that way would require him to continue earning a certain level of monthly income that he knew he could NOT maintain.

However, he probably did receive great financial advice early on, which allowed him to maintain his income; or, he refused to believe that his current level of income would ever stay the same. Either way, he set out to secure his future, his future income by acquiring multiple income avenues that were available, and, he planned for the future.

And, with today's athletes and celebrities earning much high incomes then Roger ever did, they will in the short future be completely without any money because of their desire to impress and show off. rather than be impressive with how they are able to handle their current high income.

Now, I must admit that this excessive spending of their income confuses me. And, I am afraid, they don't have the appropriate knowledge or sound advice that would keep their financial portfolio diverse and retain the necessary income that commercial real estate investments will help to keep them solvent into the unknown future.

And, one of those investments -- which I think is one of the best -- is a Net Lease Investment.

With a net leased investment, you will continue to earn income on a monthly basis because as long as you have a National or Regional Credit Tenant, this monthly income will continue and just one net leased property could have paid for a whole lot of things that could extend well into the future.

And, most importantly, these income properties could be used to maintain your monthly expenses -- unless you foolishly buy that overpriced mansion that will suck your money right out of your pockets.

IF you are foolish enough to think that regardless of what might happen to you in the future, you must realize that you will experience time where you could be wiped out immediately from a sports related career ending injury: or even IF you think you would never be involved in a serious life-altering car accident; or that you are immune to a major film or TV flop that you are currently involved with -- think again

Being a celebrity now means you need to securing your future income with a sound Net Leased Commercial Real Estate Investment, is just a simple step away!  Call me to help you earn future income.

Athletic and Hollywood careers have one thing in common: they are DEAD END jobs! Very few are fortune enough to continue to earn the explosive amount of income that is necessary to maintain your lifestyle as you grow older into the future.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Where Tony has failed in Downtown Las Vegas, Developers need to succeed!

I have said several times that a corporate town is doomed for failure.

Unfortunately for Tony Hsieh, it happened sooner than even I expected.  Recent news stories have told the tale of Tony stepping down from the Downtown Redevelopment Project and the subsequent layoffs of about 10% of their staff.

One of the proponents of the project was a former professor who moved to Las Vegas a few years ago to be a part of this development.

Thus, in an open letter to the Las Vegas Weekly, the former professor states that the lack of a plan was the point of undoing to the project's failure.  Apparently, there was no "North Star" to help guide the progress.

Which now is verifying everything I had been hearing about the project.  I have continually stated that more developers were needed to help this project along.  More residential, more office and retail has to go in, in order to bring the correct demographic to Downtown Las Vegas to make this viable.

Since Tony had no direction and the City kept saying to my sources he didn't have a plan, I am NOT surprised at this failure.

IF Tony had brought in developers from the beginning and encouraged their input, things could be different.

With the development of new projects, the city may have had more to Downtown than hotel casinos.  I am talking the return of high paying jobs that are the major component of most "Hub" cities such as Phoenix, Los Angles, San Diego, San Francisco, etc.

Without these high paying jobs, Downtown Project's lack of vision was going to end up a train-wreck -- which is what has happened.

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