Thursday, November 27, 2014


I just want to wish ALL my blog followers a Happy Thanksgiving!
It is one of the better American Holidays the entire world can enjoy!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another Celebrity-Athlete goes bankrupt!

Okay.  This is slightly different than a story of Not investing properly or making bad investments.

This is a direct result of Not realizing that those close to you can make very bad decisions when they have access to or you have given them large sums of money.

Unfortunately for Jack Johnson, his parents were the ones with little or no investment knowledge or sense.  AND, the fact that Jack had a large sum of money and they had access to it and spent foolishly, he now finds himself in bankruptcy.

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IF Jack had only given them Income instead of access to his money directly, he would be in a better financial position today.

Advice to me years ago, still stands today.  IF you want to do something for your family money wise, then give them income, DO NOT EVER give a Lump Sum and NEVER give them control over your bank accounts.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Commercial Real Estate 101: Net Leased Investment Formula UPDATE!

Every so often, I begin to wonder what else I should post about.  Then, as I run through past postings, I run across a post that in truth could be re-posted without any redundancy.

Anyway, below is a past post that still rings true for today!

Please enjoy!

Have you ever thought that maybe you were all alone in a situation; you definitely needed help; but, you were too timid to ask because you feared you would be embarrassing yourself for NOT knowing simple information?

It's at those moments you need to remind yourself of the old saying: There is never a stupid question! Especially when it comes to Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

So, in order to resolve any anxiety for those new to the CRE world, I present to you (below) information that is absolutely necessary for calculating annual income from a marketed Net Leased Investment Property that you may be considering acquiring for the annual income.

About a year ago, I laid out in this blog about how to calculate net income from a Net Lease.

A lot of you are lay people and this sounds foreign because it is an area of real estate you do NOT usually get into in your daily lives.

Now net income is also known as passive income.  It's the type of income you earn monthly or quarterly as a dividend or investment. The good thing about this is: You only pay a smaller amount in Income Tax on this earned money.  AND, you do NOT pay social security or other IRS types of tax.  ***Please check with you Tax Professional to verify this!!***

So, the main goal of this formula is to allow you as a Buyer (Investor) to predetermine the (estimated) annual net income (the rent you receive) from a Net Leased Property that is being marketed either by a Sales Price or a Cap Rate.

Usually, the marketing entity for the property will only disclose what the Listing or Asking Price is; and they will state that, that List or Asking Price is a certain Percentage of Return on the Investment (ROI); or, as it is better known as: Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate).

Now, from just these two disclosures, you -- as the lay person -- will be able to get an idea of just what the (estimated) annual income should be and whether or not the acquisition of this net leased property will "fit" your investment income needs -- or not.

The formula goes like this:

Sales Price times Cap Rate equals Annual Income.  (SP x CR = AI)

For example: $1,970,000 x 8.79% = $173,163.00+/-.

And once you have the estimated Annual Investment Income from the Asking or Sales Price plus the additional disclosed Cap Rate, you can figure out your Sales Price by dividing the Annual Income by a Cap Rate you desire to acquire the property at; OR by a Sales Price you deem as a fair market value.

You take the Annual Income you figured by the formula, and divide by the Sales Price you feel is a fair price or by the Cap Rate that you want as an ROI. 

Either way, you can figure out from just two disclosed items the third item in such as you can for the Physics Traveling Formula: Rate times Time equals Distance (RxT=D).

So, this is just a basic formula.  The Actual Annual Income should be disclosed in the current owners Financial Statements kept for this particular investment property. AND, during due diligence it is absolutely necessary to review those statements carefully when considering the acquisition of a Net Leased Property.  And, most Sellers will NOT disclose actual financials unless there is an accepted offer and escrow has been opened.

So, hopefully, this will help most of you who are not that experienced in acquiring income producing properties.  And, hopefully, you will be at ease when considering the next step in actually making a purchase move in that direction.

Now, you can take a look at property information in a different light. Get some property information and try the formula out to see if you can calculate an offer price or a price that would enable you to acquire a property at a specific Cap Rate!

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fontainebleau Resort Las Vegas!

About a week ago, I wrote a Purchase and Sales Agreement for the Las Vegas Fontainebleau.

Since last Friday, eight days ago, the company's board has been meeting, to discuss the merits of whether acquiring this property would be beneficial to their company.

Since then, the President/CEO of the company and I have emailed each other with answers to the board members' questions.

Hopefully, I answered their questions which will make them want to proceed with the acquisition.

Now, I am sitting on pins and needles awaiting the board's decision whether they will authorize the president/CEO to submit the offer I wrote for them.

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