Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Las Vegas Horse Boarding Property For Sale

An owner of a 5 acre parcel in the northwest portion of the Las Vegas Valley has asked me to find a potential buyer looking for his horse property.

The property has been a +/-15 horse boarding facility with a +/-5,000 SF house; and it has a +/-16 stall barn with a caretakers quarters.  There are also corrals on the property for the horses to be "turned out."

The property is surrounded by higher end homes so your neighbors would be more affluent than the norm.

He would like to get $750,000 for the property "As Is."  This is a tremendous buy for such a large parcel of land in Las Vegas and the boarding entitlement runs with the property.

The house and the barn will need repairs to bring it back up to serviceability.

If interested, please give me a call at my telephone number below.

For Information about Las Vegas Commercial Investment Property, contact David Howes at: OR 702-501-9388

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Did a Foreign Investment Fund Overpay for a Las Vegas 'Strip' Drug Store!?

Can it be true?  Please, say it isn't so.
Did a foreign investment fund overpay for a freestanding drug store here in Las Vegas?

I do NOT know how to get a hold of these investors; and, I wish I did.  Why would anyone pay $1,000 PSF for any property?  Where is the upside?  And, what was the Cap Rate that this will turn out to be once the dust has settled?

It never ceases to amaze me that anyone, whether foreign or domestic, would fork over so much cash for a real estate property in which the ROI was so far out into the future that it may not even be calculable.

In the last year, I have been trying to get any investors interested in any of a number of well positioned net leased properties that are listed in the low to high 8% Cap Rate Range.  And, I am talking an ROI that will pay for itself in 11+/- years.  But, I have been having a hard time convincing foreign investors to even consider Las Vegas as a place to invest -- when there are steals here right now!

Now, this!  IF True...I can't believe that this actually happened.  I just can NOT believe it.  What was the closing phrase that sealed this deal for this investor?  I really and truly want to know.

For well priced an available investment property here in Las Vegas, NV contact David Howes at: davidATdavidhowesDOTnet or 702-501-9388

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Las Vegas Resort Casino Properties For Sale!

Several months ago, I blogged right here that there were a couple of Resort Casino Properties For Sale.  Now, I want to update you on this:  There are Three For Sale and they are all Resort Hotel Casino Properties.

So, IF you have the  pre-requisite amount of money or financial capacity -- which means you are capable of paying $250 Million or more for a property -- send me an email with the proof of capacity.  I will then reply with a Non-Circumvent, Confidentiality and Commission Agreement for your company's Authorized Officer's signature.

Once this 'Non-Circ' is executed, I will then supply your company's signatory the detailed information on the Resort Casino Property that "fits" your financial capacity and investment criteria.

For Information about Las Vegas Commercial Investment Property, contact David Howes at: OR 702-501-9388.