Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Vacancies in OFFICE space is overwhelming!

My son had asked me to drive him to his doctor's this morning.

Since this is a slow time of year (at least that's my experience), I picked him up, drove to the doctor's office, and was going to wait for him while he was there.

However, a nurse/nurse's aid came out, finalized some paperwork with him, and politely told me I would have to come back to pick him up.

Okay.  (Change of plans?)

She took my cell number and said they will text me once his appointment is complete.

Since there were chairs in the hall/lobby of the building, I thought of just waiting there.  But, my son said, just go.

So, as I left -- being a (curious) real estate broker -- I thought I'd wander the nice building.

NOT to my surprise, I found it to be about 50% vacant.

Now, if you don't know why this is, take a look around you at just how many people don't believe the coronavirus is real; OR, they think it's just a bad case of the flu.

This virus has hasten more and more office workers to be working at home.
Since a lot of offices are maintained via computer, that frees up people to just stay home, log in, and do any work from there.

Thus, the high vacancies in nice office buildings.

Since I work in Real Estate, I can work from home, too.  I don't need to maintain a high profile office, either.

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