Thursday, December 13, 2012

David Howes' Sells Ferguson's Motel in Downtown Las Vegas!

That is correct, folks!

After a 45 day escrow, David Howes has Closed Escrow on the Ferguson's Motel which has been owned by one of David's Clients since 2001.

The Buyer is an investor who has been quietly acquiring surrounding parcels in this ten block area of east Fremont Street.  The investor has NOT disclosed his plans but I know they are significant that it will change the culture of this down trodden area.

The Sale was for $5 Million and the property will remain open during the transition period.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Las Vegas "Strip" Property Available For Sale!

There have been a lot of 'hits' on my web site about Las Vegas Casino Properties.  Several even have been searching for "Strip" land.

Fortunately, i do know of a property located on the "Las Vegas Strip" that is For Sale.  (And, I am direct to the owner, too!)

For you first time Las Vegas Casino Property Buyers, the price will seem too high at first.  However, since the property falls under the Clark County Gaming Overlay; and, it is located within the "Resort Corridor," the Owner is being smart in their pricing.

And, the best part of this is: The Owner agreed to compensate me for procuring a Buyer. (This is a very, very rare occurrence when it comes to Las Vegas Strip properties.)

The property is large and will allow for +/-10,000 rooms, a Retail Mall, and has enough frontage along the "Strip" for restaurants or retail shops.  Also, this property is properly located amongst other properties that are all earning +$100 Million in EBITDA annually.

The Non-Circumvent Agreement -- located in the right hand column under Las Vegas Casino Information -- needs to be printed, filled out completely and emailed back to me.  This is necessary so that everyone stays honest with each other.

I have a 1% Fee in there because if this property doesn't fit your acquisition criteria, I would be able to find you another without hesitation.

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