Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Attention Celebrities! Net Leased Investments Help Secure/Plan Your Future!

In today's edition of USA Today, there is a story about Dennis Rodman being broke!

Now, I don't know much about Dennis personally.  But I remember him as a very good basketball player who made a lot of money during his championship laden career.  And, he played with some of the best basketball players in the world.

But, some where along the way, Dennis got lost in the fog of his own wealth.  He forgot that in order to maintain his extravagant, a high flying lifestyle, that living that way would require him to continue earning a certain level of monthly income.

Now, he probably did receive financial advice.  But, he didn't follow the advice; or, he refused to believe that his current level of income would ever decrease.  Either way, he didn't secure his future income from multiple available resources, and, he didn't plan for the future.

Yes, he has to pay for his children which could have been taken care of easily.  He didn't pay his taxes.  Which could have been taken care of easily, too.  If he had planned, he would NOT owe more than $800,000 in child support; and the $350,000 in taxes owed, could easily have been paid, too.  (These are according to the USA Today article.)

And, with celebrities earning such high incomes, how -- I must admit I am confused -- does some one get themselves into such dire situations in the first place.  The answer is obvious: Dennis out spent his income.

And, I am afraid, he didn't have the appropriate knowledge or sound advice that would have kept his financial portfolio diverse and the necessary income real estate investments he needed to remain solvent.

And, one of those investments -- which I think is one of the best -- is a Net Lease Investment Property.  With a net leased investment property, you will continue to earn income on a monthly basis because as long as you have a National or Regional Credit Tenant, this monthly income will continue and just one net leased property could have paid for child support; or, as a reserve account for income tax purposes.  And, most importantly, they could have been used to maintain his monthly 'Nut.' (Nut is slang for the amount of money that is necessary for paying ALL of your living expenses to include any and all monthly mansion, or luxury care payments -- IF you were foolish enough to think that regardless of what might happen, you think that you will never experience being wiped out immediately from a sports related severe injury: or even IF you think you would never be involved in a serious life-altering car accident; or that you are immune to a major film or TV flop that you are currently involved with.)

So, Celebrities of Sports, Film and TV!  Get off your high horse and contact me about securing your future income with a sound Net Leased Commercial Real Estate Investment.

And, Yes!  IF you own an appropriate Net Leased Investment with a well qualified Credit Tenant Leasing a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Property for Ten Years or more, you will have ONE of the BEST ways to be assured that your monthly income will continue and you will be able to earn income and to provide for your family as you move forward into the future.

Your Athletic or Hollywood careers do have one thing in common.  They WILL DEAD END!  Very few people are lucky enough to continue to earn the explosive amount of income that will be necessary to maintain your lifestyle as you grow older into the future.

For Information about Las Vegas Commercial Net Lease Investment Property, contact David Howes at: OR 702-501-9388. I appreciate your reading this.