Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Client wants my help to Sell his Cabin Retreat Home above Las Vegas!

I must be doing something correct.

I do NOT Sell SFR's or Condos because in reality I do NOT have the patience.

And, even though I tried to sell a home a few years ago to another client, I do NOT have the correct subscriptions NOR the desired elements such as being a member of the local Realtor club!  (It's too expensive for my tastes!)

So, when a client of mine called me yesterday, I was expecting to be able to help him with one of his CRE buildings.

But, he cut me to the quick right from my Hello..! and straight out asked me for my help to sell his cabin home.

I reminded him that residential is NOT in my area of expertise. I reminded him that I was NOT a member of the MLS; nor, was I a Realtor.

His response startled me -- just for a second though.

He said he wanted me to try because I was the only broker he knew who has consistently shown to him that I don't quit!

Huh? I thought to myself. Sure, I advertise and market property to the masses. I work with a variety of people on different financial qualification levels. And, I always give my best effort even though there seems to be dire circumstances.

Oh! I guess that is what he is talking about.

He explained that his property was listed with a residential agent (who is very good at selling high priced homes). He was frustrated that the agent had taken the listing and during that listing time period, he felt, they had done very little in effort to sell the property.

(Now, I do NOT know anything about the agent's marketing or what they actually did to expose the cabin  home to the masses.)

Anyway, it will take me about a week or so to get everything in order since -- like I said above -- he cut me to the quick. But, check back in two weeks. By then, I should have everything together.

In the meantime, IF you are interested in the property: the cabin home is +/-5,600 SF, has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, a four car garage, a +/-2,500 SF patio area and sits on +/-9 Acres of land. (It has enough land that you could even put in a heliport IF you want.

Lastly, the Client said he believes that this residential property is the highest freestanding house in all of Nevada elevation wise at +/-9,125 feet. AND, it has views of the City of Las Vegas AND Lake Mead!

The downside: it is about an hours drive up the Mountain from Las Vegas. And, the average temperature up there is about 30 degrees lower than in the Las Vegas Valley. So, IF the Las Vegas heat gets to you, a nice helicopter ride or an hour drive gets you to a place full of serenity, quiet and peace of mind.

The Client emailed me pictures of the property. So, IF this interests you, send me an email an I can reply with the pictures.

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