Friday, October 12, 2012

Net Leased Investments Help Women Earn Income!

Recently, USA Today ran a story about Baby Boomer Women who are still working but are more worried about living expenses in retirement than men.

This is nothing new. The problem is that women generally do NOT think about having a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investment property as a positive financial element that does help them with living expenses for the rest of their lives.

And IF women did acknowledge that a CRE investment as a wise financial plan, they would find that a good selected CRE investment will help them with the everyday living budgeting long into the future.

But since most women do NOT understand how a passive net leased income investment property works, they (unfortunately) will allow that well priced acquisition opportunity slip away when they shouldn't. Thus, they simply never do get the solid diversification of their investment portfolio that they truly need.

And, especially for women who do have a better than average income in their early careers, they are the ones who will simply ignore any CRE opportunity because it is "something they can consider later."

Unfortunately, as these very same women approach (or forced into) retirement because of their age, their income slips well below the amount of needed earnings; I will see these very same women looking desperately for some form of (temporary) income long after they have hit their career high and they find they are (involuntarily forced) into their retirement.  Then, they suddenly realize they don't have enough money to even take care of themselves -- let alone their growing young adult children and extended families who have become dependent upon them.

This is a very sad situation that these very same higher than average income women can avoid. Especially when they find themselves no longer desired for roles that they were used to getting because of their celebrity status. And the industry has moved on to the next young, virile, attractive young thing.

OR, these women have called for a halt to their climbing career to bear children. And, they usually end up using up their saved earnings to try and continue to pay for their high end lifestyle -- even though they lack the necessary continued income.

AND, after their career has been on hold for too long, they end up making an effort to go back to work later in life and find themselves -- as single Moms -- struggling to even find work.

Fortunately, NOT every women will struggle with later life expenses. Some do stay married to a man earning enough money to carry the family through. But, most women end up married to a clown that they should have avoided, though at the time of intimate romance, he seemed as if he was the best available choice.

But, soon after these women got married to the clown, they find out for themselves just how truly this supposed awesome hunk was in truth a bad life decision. So, these women are left with the clown no longer wanting to be involved with her or their children's lives. She ends up by herself, alone and broke. (My apologies, I digressed there for a moment.)

Now, for you women still reading: Are you angry, yet?

Not all Net Leased Investment's are in the millions. There are investments where a woman can acquire a  Net Leased property well under a million that will help you to continue to earn money in a passive fashion.  But these properties will require you to provide more TLC -- to keep earning the monthly rent.

So, as a favor to me, please review the properties in the right column. IF these are too expensive for you, there are others which will earn you a monthly rent but at less than the monthly amounts indicated. These will NOT have a National Credit Tenant. However, you may see these as on a lower end property spectrum, but most tenants do pay on time rather than always paying late.

BUT, even though it may hurt initially, giving me a call will help you figure out where a property is that will fit with your current financial situation.

Hopefully, in the long run -- when retirement is your only option -- a well acquired property should be paying you the appropriate amount of money long before and long into your retired life. And, being able to pay for yourself during retirement is the most important part of all this, isn't it?

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