Saturday, January 30, 2016

Update! Resorts, Hospitality, Gaming and Restaurant Properties!

Update! Resorts, Hospitality, Gaming and Restaurant Properties!

Are you interested in owning a Las Vegas Resort, Hospitality, Gaming or Restaurant Property?

If so, I can help!  Since the economic meltdown, the few that remain means they are pretty good investments.

And, if a 'major' Las Vegas Resort is within your acquisition criteria and financial capability, please click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button in the right hand column. There you will find an Agreement.  Please have your company's CEO or Authorized Signature fill this out completely, sign, scan and email back to me for further details on those properties that are available.

For less expensive Hotel-Motel, Gaming, Restaurants and Bars, please email me your contact information and acquisition criteria.  Once I have received this, I will be able to forward those opportunities as they arise.

I would also appreciate being able to add you -- if you qualify, to my investor client list. That way, when a specific property that I know you are interested in comes available, I would like to be able to send it to you quickly so you can better judge the property information and gauge the extent of your interest in acquiring it.  If not interested, just simply delete and wait for the next property to become available.

Lastly, if truly interested in becoming a gaming proprietor, you will need to apply for and be approved by the State of Nevada Gaming Control Board.  I can refer an attorney to you.

Please understand, that this will be required whether you are trying to acquire a resort casino or a small tavern/supper club property.  Being approved prior to making an offer, will speed up the purchase process since most Sellers will NOT have a close of escrow contingent upon you receiving gaming approval.

I appreciate your patience in this and hope to be able to bring you other Las Vegas Properties to you for your review in the next few months.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Las Vegas "Strip" Property For Sale!

There have been a lot of 'hits' on my web site about Las Vegas Casino Properties.  Several have been searching for "Strip" Properties.

Fortunately, there is a property located on the Las Vegas Strip that is For Sale.  (I will have to double checked with the owner; to make sure it is still has it on the market.)

The price might will seem high to a first time Las Vegas Casino Property Buyer.  However, since the property falls under the Clark County Gaming Overlay; and, it is located within the "Resort Corridor," the Owner is being smart in their pricing.

The property is large enough to develop a Resort Gaming property with +/-thousands of rooms in hotel Towers that could reach 500', it is also large enough to include a Mall, and enough frontage along the "Strip" for restaurants or retail shops.

Also, the Owner is willing to compensate me for bringing a Buyer.

Want the details?

Then click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button located in the right hand column; Print the Non-Circumvent Form; Have your President or CEO fill it out completely (authorized signatory's only); and scan and email it back to me.  This is necessary so that I know that everyone stays honest with each other.

Any questions?

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Monday, January 11, 2016

“Tell Trump To Shut the F…. Up!”

I absolutely hate any and all political seasons -- especially pre-primary season when candidates from all walks of life are out to impress as many voters as possible.

I especially hate the ones who think invalidating other candidates or groups of people because they are just trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Right now, the worst thing that could happen to the Good Ole US of A is: Donald Trump.  And, he knows it.

He has no chance of being elected, yet the news media covers him because - well, they don't know what stupid thing he is going to say next.

I have been trying for more than a year now to get a Middle Eastern Businessman to buy a Las Vegas Gaming Resort Property.  I thought I was very, very close to getting the offer approval from the Businessman's board/Investors when Donald Trump once again opened his big mouth.

By even saying he wanted to ban Muslims from coming to the US, Donald actually said to the world, I am too stupid to be president.  The thing is, Adolf Hilter did this back in 1928 or 1929 against the Jews.  We know how that turned out.

Granted, the US is NOT going to open concentration camps, but the rhetoric still stings.

Now, my Businessman client, on December 27th, sent me an email which said--- why don't I just let you read it for yourself:

I’m in Abu Dhabi right now (50 minutes drive from Dubai) attending a 2 days Board meeting,and to be honest with you we do have a huge investor on the Board who doesn’t want to even hear about investment in the U.S.A after Donald (Stupid) Trump comments banning Muslims from coming to America so he said “and Muslims Money are not coming to America too you Fool”

It is very tense right now as every one on the Board respect and Love this Guy!!, we'll see what happens.
“Tell Trump To Shut the F…. Up” would you please.please. Thanks.J.

So, if Donald is so far behind in the over all voter polls, why is he so popular in the Republican polls?
Oh, maybe it is because most Republicans are idiots just like him?  I truly don't think so.  But, Donald is truly demonstrating his idiocy.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Blog!

Three of the last four of my blog entries have outlined the reasons why I left Lee. I hope you understand the 'why' I was so angry about having spent so much time there and NOT having achieved the one particular goal I wanted which was to be named a partner.

Anyway, just after I posted the third blog, I received a telephone call from the CEO of Licensing for Lee.  He asked me (politely) if I'd take any mention of Lee out of the blog because he said that they were a different company now and it would hurt their efforts to re-establish an office in Las Vegas.

He did emphasize that they were NOT looking to file a law suit for defamation or anything, because he said, everything in the blog was more than 10 years old.

I asked him if he knew anything about me.  Of course, he didn't.

I explained my background and the reason why I omitted the names of actual people who were involved in my time there.  (They truly don't deserve any publicity.)

So, I had to explain to him just how Libel works.  In the end, he convinced me they were NOT going to sue.  (If they did, I would win because all I needed was to present the truth.)  Besides, with so many agents who had worked and left the Lee Las Vegas office through the years, I told him that it would be easy for me to find just one person who had a similar experience as mine, and that would seal the deal, so to speak: Case Closed.

He did re-emphasize, he just wanted to ask me to remove any reference to Lee because he kept saying this incident was ten years ago.

However, I was amused by his next question:

He asked: Would you consider spearheading the next Lee office in Las Vegas?

What?  No!  Of course, not!

He kept saying that as a company, Lee was different now.  They were a national company and one of his priorities is to re-establish a Lee office in Las Vegas.

Obviously, he has been trying to find a Nevada Broker willing to take on that project.  And, with Lee's reputation in Las Vegas being so bad, he was having a hard time finding a broker to do that.

I didn't even thank him for the offer.  I just stated, 'No;' and, that I would never, ever allow Lee to have any of my commission money ever again.  (I didn't care if he thought Lee had changed.  It was still the same to me whether last week or ten years ago.)

I did wish him luck as we concluded the telephone call.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

To all my clients who became friends; and those friends who trust me with their CRE decisions;
please let's have a safe and prosperous New Year!

...and many, many more!

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