Monday, January 11, 2016

“Tell Trump To Shut the F…. Up!”

I absolutely hate any and all political seasons -- especially pre-primary season when candidates from all walks of life are out to impress as many voters as possible.

I especially hate the ones who think invalidating other candidates or groups of people because they are just trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Right now, the worst thing that could happen to the Good Ole US of A is: Donald Trump.  And, he knows it.

He has no chance of being elected, yet the news media covers him because - well, they don't know what stupid thing he is going to say next.

I have been trying for more than a year now to get a Middle Eastern Businessman to buy a Las Vegas Gaming Resort Property.  I thought I was very, very close to getting the offer approval from the Businessman's board/Investors when Donald Trump once again opened his big mouth.

By even saying he wanted to ban Muslims from coming to the US, Donald actually said to the world, I am too stupid to be president.  The thing is, Adolf Hilter did this back in 1928 or 1929 against the Jews.  We know how that turned out.

Granted, the US is NOT going to open concentration camps, but the rhetoric still stings.

Now, my Businessman client, on December 27th, sent me an email which said--- why don't I just let you read it for yourself:

I’m in Abu Dhabi right now (50 minutes drive from Dubai) attending a 2 days Board meeting,and to be honest with you we do have a huge investor on the Board who doesn’t want to even hear about investment in the U.S.A after Donald (Stupid) Trump comments banning Muslims from coming to America so he said “and Muslims Money are not coming to America too you Fool”

It is very tense right now as every one on the Board respect and Love this Guy!!, we'll see what happens.
“Tell Trump To Shut the F…. Up” would you please.please. Thanks.J.

So, if Donald is so far behind in the over all voter polls, why is he so popular in the Republican polls?
Oh, maybe it is because most Republicans are idiots just like him?  I truly don't think so.  But, Donald is truly demonstrating his idiocy.

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