Friday, January 8, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Blog!

Three of the last four of my blog entries have outlined the reasons why I left Lee. I hope you understand the 'why' I was so angry about having spent so much time there and NOT having achieved the one particular goal I wanted which was to be named a partner.

Anyway, just after I posted the third blog, I received a telephone call from the CEO of Licensing for Lee.  He asked me (politely) if I'd take any mention of Lee out of the blog because he said that they were a different company now and it would hurt their efforts to re-establish an office in Las Vegas.

He did emphasize that they were NOT looking to file a law suit for defamation or anything, because he said, everything in the blog was more than 10 years old.

I asked him if he knew anything about me.  Of course, he didn't.

I explained my background and the reason why I omitted the names of actual people who were involved in my time there.  (They truly don't deserve any publicity.)

So, I had to explain to him just how Libel works.  In the end, he convinced me they were NOT going to sue.  (If they did, I would win because all I needed was to present the truth.)  Besides, with so many agents who had worked and left the Lee Las Vegas office through the years, I told him that it would be easy for me to find just one person who had a similar experience as mine, and that would seal the deal, so to speak: Case Closed.

He did re-emphasize, he just wanted to ask me to remove any reference to Lee because he kept saying this incident was ten years ago.

However, I was amused by his next question:

He asked: Would you consider spearheading the next Lee office in Las Vegas?

What?  No!  Of course, not!

He kept saying that as a company, Lee was different now.  They were a national company and one of his priorities is to re-establish a Lee office in Las Vegas.

Obviously, he has been trying to find a Nevada Broker willing to take on that project.  And, with Lee's reputation in Las Vegas being so bad, he was having a hard time finding a broker to do that.

I didn't even thank him for the offer.  I just stated, 'No;' and, that I would never, ever allow Lee to have any of my commission money ever again.  (I didn't care if he thought Lee had changed.  It was still the same to me whether last week or ten years ago.)

I did wish him luck as we concluded the telephone call.

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