Sunday, February 21, 2016

What other people think (of me), is none of my business!

About 20 years ago, I learned about this quote.

When I first heard it, it was attributed to A.L Williams. (Yes, the Prime America guy.)

And, every now and then, especially when I start feeling as if "others" around me (business and personal relationships) are invalidating me, I have to force myself to NOT reply or respond to anything they are saying.  I do my best to just let them vent and then, I try to ignore them as much as possible.

You see: when "others" are being critical (invalidating) of you, they are disrespecting you.  In my case, as a real estate broker for 25 years, I am the most knowledgeable about real estate within my family and small circle of friends.

But, since my sibling family members like to refer to me as being "Bossy," this form of criticism always comes across as disrespectful -- even though they think it is being helpful.  And, I believe the reason for their disrespect is that I do have a better working knowledge about real estate than they have.  However, I believe this makes them jealous.  And that jealousy is what leads them to being so disrespectful of me.

Fortunately, my 'clients' refer to me as "Knowledgeable,"  So, I will take this criticism gratefully.

For example: one of my younger brothers thought he should get into real estate to buy and rent out houses.  He was going to grow his real estate portfolio and become rich.

So, once he owned a few properties, loan rates went down, so he decided, back in 2005 or 2006, to refinance the three residential properties he owned.  Back then, I warned him to NOT refinance ALL of his properties at once with the same lender, because I knew his lender of choice would cross-collateralize his properties.

But, he said that wasn't going to happen, because he said the Loan Officer said that, that would NOT happen.

Then, last year, he tried to sell one of the houses.  Once in escrow, the lender send a payoff  amount for all three loans at the same time.  He decided to sue.  He lost his lawsuit.

So, now, I am NOT being boastful about this.  I am only emphasizing that I know more about real estate than a wanna be house owner landlord.

Am I sorry for his dilemma?  No.  I just wish he had listened to me (and I wish he had viewed my advice as being the truth based on my years of experience in real estate).  But, since to him, I was being "Bossy," he listen to "others" who were in fact, lying to him just so they could earn the loan origination fee.

Unfortunately, since he viewed me as being "Bossy," he is now in a situation where he has to sell all three houses at once to get out of the loan(s).

I can only be reminded what Mike Sitren told me years ago: Don't help family with real estate.  They will never appreciate your efforts.

So, if you are going to call me Bossy, because I suggest you do/do not do something in real estate, best of luck to you.  I don't need your invalidation and...

...what you think (of me) is none of my business.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Las Vegas Boulevard vs "The Strip!" There is a difference! Hint? North and South

Everybody in the World has heard of or has some knowledge of the Las Vegas "Strip!"

It is one of those topics that every so often gets tossed around every now and then and everyone who has ever visited Las Vegas knows everything about Las Vegas -- especially "The Strip!"

Well, did you know there is a good "Strip" and a bad "Strip?"

If you didn't, you are NOT alone.

Many, many people will read something about Las Vegas -- either because they are planning a visit; or, they are searching for a property -- and run into the phrase: 'located on the world famous Las Vegas "Strip!"'

In most cases, that might be true.  But, just because they have a Las Vegas Boulevard address doesn't mean that they are actually located on the "Strip!" And, if the property is located on Las Vegas Boulevard between Spring Mountain and Downtown Las Vegas, that "technically" is NOT "The Strip!"

Unfortunately, that is simply Las Vegas Boulevard.

"The Strip" is actually the part of Las Vegas Boulevard that runs from the 'Welcome to Las Vegas Sign' up to and might even include Wynn Resort and the Fashion Show Mall.  This is where Spring Mountain Road and it's cross street partner intersects Las Vegas Boulevard.  You know this intersection because this is where the Venetian is on the SEC; and TI is on the SWC.  And, Wynn is on the NEC.

So, nothing north of this location is truly "On the Strip," even though the casino owners of the properties north of this intersection will beg to differ.  You see, the Fontainebleau, Resort World, and that proposed new development Alon are all close to this intersection.  But, even though they claim they are on "The Strip," they truly are NOT.

To Prove my point, here is a link to aerial shots of "Strip" located Las Vegas Resorts that are on "The Las Vegas Strip." (You may have to copy and  paste in browser if link doesn't work.)

SLS, Circus Circus, and even the Stratosphere advertise that they are on "The Strip" when in fact, they are merely on Las Vegas Boulevard.  Of course, they justify this by saying they are located on "The North Strip."  But, that's just semantics, right? And, I would say that Trump Tower is NOT located on the Strip -- even though it is directly behind the new Alon (supposed James Packard project) development.

So, do most of you understand what I am saying?

"The Strip" has +100,000 people on average in foot traffic just about daily.  Las Vegas Boulevard to the north of Spring Mountain doesn't.

So, if you are a resort buyer, please beware of any property that is being advertised as: "On The Strip."  It is probably not.

If you have any questions about this topic, please click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button to the right, print the form, sign and email it back to me.  Once this is agreed to, I will be most happy to help you understand the difference.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Is China trying to force Macau Casino Owners Out Of Business?

For a long while now, I have had several discussions with Las Vegas Gaming executives, some still employed and others retired, about how China is treating the current casino owners in the gaming hot spot known as Macau.

I believe that China (recently) closed their borders to Macau in an effort to force the casinos owners out of business.

Of course, their standard PR line is/was: stop corruption.

But, I think that China saw just how much money the casino owners were actually making and decided that they should be in charge of the properties -- thus, they would be raking in the billions that China's citizens were gambling away every month in order to become rich so that they could improve their lives.

Now, I have absolutely no proof of this at all.  It is just a gut feeling I get from reading various news reported stories about the Macau enclave.

The latest is this article from re-known gaming reporter Howard Stutz of the Las Vegas Review Journal.  (You may have to copy and past in your browser to read.)

In his article, Howard outlines that Macau revenue has fallen for 20 straight months; and, it fell 21.4% this recent January, 2016.

To me, the fact that it is only down in the hundreds of millions, is not as bad as the fact that the casinos are still earning Billions in US dollars per month.

I believe that that amount of money being earned there by Las Vegas casino operators is too tempting to the Chinese officials to allow to be continued to leave their country.  Thus, I believe that China will in the foreseeable future take over the properties as a means to control how their citizens are spending their hard earned money.

If I am wrong, I will apologize right here, right now.  But, my gut says otherwise.

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