Monday, April 14, 2014

The Seller's Downfall from Selling without a Real Estate Broker!

Just recently, a property owner emailed me to say he had SOLD! his commercial Property and he was proving to me he didn't need a Real Estate Broker.

I had in the past tried to get him to list his property with me. But, he knew better than me about what his property entailed. So, I said okay. But I really wanted to see what would happen.

This is always a bad move on an Owner's part. If you are NOT experienced in Real Estate, you will get taken advantaged of.

Even my own younger brother bragged to me a few years ago about: "How easy it was for him to get his real estate license." I then asked my brother, "So, how much money have you made selling real estate since getting your license?"

His answer: "None." And, it is None because he works as a Pharmacist. Unfortunately, he is just like the rest of Sellers: He truly thinks it would be easy to be his own real estate broker.

So, the owner from the above property who said he didn't need me, was bragging in his email about selling on his own property, said: he Sold for: "$800,000."

I asked: "Why did you sell it for so much less than what this very same buyer had already paid for similar properties in his area?"

He replied: "The Buyer had told him they were never going to pay what I had wanted them to pay" which was $200,000 more than what they paid for his property.

I said: "Of course, they are telling you that now. You accepted less! Of course, they are going to say, they wouldn't pay more than what I had gotten these very same Buyers to pay for other properties that were all around him. But, "You decided you didn't need me!"

He reiterated: "I wasn't needed." and "I was making it a bigger deal than it was." Well, it was a $200,000 bigger deal than he realized.

Anyway, I didn't want to pour lemon juice on his wound. IF he truly thinks he did a better job than me, fine. I will move forward knowing he screwed up big time. AND, he eventually will realize this, too.

So, want to sell your CRE property yourself? Go ahead. It's just that I make an honest living with a Real Estate Brokers license and I would never try to do your job just to cut you out of a financial gain for helping me. And, I do it with your best intentions in mind.

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