Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adult Club For Sale in Las Vegas! Has Full Alcohol, Topless Dancing and Gaming!

The Owner of this well located Adult Cabaret Licensed property in Las Vegas has asked me to find a Buyer for his Club.

The Real Estate and Business is available for the Reduced Price of $10 Million. And, this price is the price. Not negotiable! No financials are required to verify or argue that the property is worth less than the asking price. OR, that the appraisal MAY or MAY NOT justify the selling price. If you want an "Adult Cabaret" Licensed Club with "Full Alcohol" AND "Restricted Gaming," this is the location.  The local authorities are NOT giving out any more licenses.

The purchase price includes 2.04 acres surrounding a 17,000 SF Free Standing building, a billboard sign, and a small .6 acre+/- lease able car sales lot (which this building could be demolished to create additional parking for the club!)

The Topless Club was remodeled a few years ago and has been well maintained. Per code, the Owner updated the club with fire sprinklers, a new sound system and Slot Gaming!

So, as you all know, this is NOT for everyone.

As a specialty use in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) world, only a few will be able to own and operate a club where women dance in scantily outfits (G-String bottoms only) and men can drink and gamble. Oh! And you can smoke cigars while the Ladies entertain you!

This is the perfect setting for a young man visiting Sin City!

This Adult Topless Club is located right next door to a major Resort Hotel Casino. It is the very best located Adult Club in Las Vegas and one of the best for Topless Adult Entertainment.

IF Interested but the Real Estate Acquisition Price is a little high for your budget, the Owner would sell the  Business at $1.5 Million and Lease the Real Estate for $25,000 per month on a Five Year Lease.

For more information, Email me your contact information, your financial capability for full disclosure of the property.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Attention Potential Las Vegas Investors!

Sellers in Las Vegas are now starting to feel their Mo-Jo!

This is bad news for potential Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Investors because this means that the Sellers are going to hang in there tougher and more focus on obtaining the maximum value they can get for their properties than before.

Recently, one of my long time clients called and asked me what I thought his property was worth?  I asked him what he was trying to net out. After he told me, I said he could net double what he wanted to net.  He had me list and market his property so he will net out $2 million!  (Just so you know, I Sold the Hotel property right next door to his.)

So, as we are signing the paperwork, he then tells me is that another RE Broker had approached him and wrote an offer at less than what he had previously wanted to net. It was obvious to me, the other RE Broker was trying to get him to sell to his Buyer client at half of the value of the property that I sold the property next door for.

Now, my client is a private investigator. So, being a PI, he had already done his own investigation into his property's value. (He told me he simply walked over to the property I had Sold next door and asked the former owner (my Selling Client) what he sold his hotel for.  And, that owner told him.)  Fortunately, it matched exactly what I had said.

So, it is apparent, the other RE Broker either knows very little to nothing about the economic incline in this Las Vegas sub-market; OR, maybe he does and enjoys trying to screw owners out of their equity!

The unfortunate part of this is that this is currently happening in reality in this area.

Unfortunately, most potential investors do NOT realize the actual value added properties are outside of this Las Vegas sub-market. Most people think of Las Vegas as the Resort lined street known world wide as: “The Strip.” But, if you potential investors would approach Las Vegas with open minds, you will find -- to your surprise -- some good deals!

So, Are you interested in where those good deals are?  Well,...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UPDATE! Las Vegas Resort Casino Hotel Back on the Market!

For those who are interested & qualified, there is a Las Vegas Resort Casino Property that was temporarily removed from the market that is being quietly marketed again -- according to the Owner.

IF you are interested in pursuing this Resort Casino Hotel opportunity, please click on the Las Vegas Casino Information button just to the right.  This is a Non-Circumvent, Principal, Confidentiality and Commission Agreement.  This MUST be filled out and signed by the Buyer who is your company's authorized signatory.

I appreciate your patience in this and hope to be able to bring you other Resort Properties in the next few months.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

YUM Brands Posts Positive Earnings! That makes the Long John Silver Restaurants in Las Vegas a better than average Net Leased Investment!

According to CNBC.com, Yum Brands posted a positive earnings report.

"Yum Brands - The parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut posted earnings of 83 cents a share, excluding one-time items, on revenue of $4.15 billion, edging past expectations for 82 cents a share on revenue of $4.12 billion. But the company said same-store sales in its China division fell 6 percent and it now expects to post a mid-single digit earnings decline for 2013 from the prior year. Shares fell in after-hours trading." (Reprinted without permission.)

What this means for Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate is that the two Long John Silver restaurants currently available for acquisition in Las Vegas MUST be given a more intense and serious look at because  the corporate lease will tend to be stronger than it already was.

That means that with YUM Brands as your tenant, they are in a positive cash flow situation. And that means these locations are a good buy. So, you should take this published business information seriously BEFORE the property owner raises their Selling Price!

Click on the Long John Silver button in the right column to get the property information. Then, give me a call about writing an offer to acquire them.

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