Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Internet Idiots Ruin Humorous Comment!

The Internet is a frustrating place most of us go to for various reasons during our day.  It can be a place to learn, explore, and find interesting articles/topics to read as we meander through the world wide web while either working, playing, or just fighting off boredom.

The Internet tries to appease everyone.

I use it primarily to find owners of various properties in and around the Las Vegas, NV Valley.  And, I have learned that many owners of commercial real estate in Las Vegas are located in other states. And, trying to find these people can be grueling.  So, at times, I will foray into the world of Hollywood gossip.  Since I once worked on Films and TV shows decades ago, I like to read about celebrities and what they (or what their PR people say) are doing.

And, once in a while, I will place a comment here and there on one site or another trying to be humorous or reflective of my own life.  It's a release of the daily stress of searching for owners.

My mistake is I will write about what I know and with the Internet, you (I) should know better.

Most people who comment, will take what you say at face value.  They seem to appreciate the humor of a situation.

However, there are the idiots who for no reasonable reason take what you comment out of context. They make up implications about your comment that are completely not true. And, it is so alarming to read these misunderstandings(?).  (I can only assume that is all it is.)

So, lesson learned.  Comments be damn!

I will keep to myself and forever refrain from comments...(except when they are truly stupid, ignorant, or calling me unpatriotic! Or, ...)


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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dumbest Purchases made by Athletes-Celebrities!

Proof positive that Athletes, young and not so young, made bad decisions that led to their financial ruin.

I still find it amazing that these men made such bad financial decisions and yet they never considered using this same money to acquire a NNN income property.

This has to be filed under the (What were they thinking?) category.

(Copy and paste in your browser to read article.)

And, even today, there are well located CRE income properties that can solidify the young athlete's  financial future -- IF they could just get out of their own way.

Just because you have a whole lot of money now, doesn't mean that, that money will continue to make you money unless you invest it wisely and diversify to include NNN income properties.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

8% Cap Rate in Las Vegas? Sorry, They are All Gone!

Last June 2014, I wrote this blog because I was being called by "out of state" investors wanting to acquire Las Vegas CRE at an 8% Cap Rate or better -- as one investor told me.

Well, it's been a year now and the Cap rates have actually 'Gone Down!'

This means, that the prices of CRE in Las Vegas are getting higher -- and other investors are buying these properties.

So, once again, I feel I have to re-address the issue:

For several years months now, I have been working with a couple of Buyers who are still searching the Las Vegas Valley for an 8% Cap Rate.

Unfortunately, for them, they are ALL gone.

The 8% Cap Rates went away about two years ago when Owners began to realize they were getting multiple offers for their property and/or they no longer "needed" to sell.

But, Not all properties are in such a rosie position.  Several Owners that I know are still struggling to make their loan payments and are still upside down at the end of the month.

But, when you come to Las Vegas expecting a steal, and you find out that a 7.5% Cap Rate is the best you are going to do, then, you shouldn't be wasting my RE Broker's time.

Walgreen's across the US are going for +/-5.5% Cap Rate.  Here in Las Vegas you might be the high bidder at a 6.75% Cap Rate.  But, IF you think an 8% Cap Rate should do, you will be out of luck.  There are no Walgreen's in Las Vegas selling for an 8% Cap Rate.  AND, you are foolish to be thinking that for any property in Las Vegas right now.

IF you are truly interested in acquiring a Las Vegas NNN investment, then contact me and we'll start the search.  But, 7 or 7.5% is going to be the the best sales price.

Contacting David Howes is easy -- either by: davidATdavidhowesDOTnet OR call him at: 70 25 01 93 88 AND Follow David on Twitter: @DavidAHowes