Monday, October 12, 2015

Mike Sitren was Correct!

RIP Mike!  It's been 22 years since I worked & learned from the best broker I ever knew.  Mike passed away in 1993 -- the year I went from salesman to broker in California.

He imparted wisdom on me that -- at the time -- I thought he was being too insistent about.  However, I realize now, that back then, he was ever so patient with me.

He once said: "Don't do any real estate transactions with family."

I asked: "Why?"

He replied: "Because if something goes wrong, you will be the one they blame!  And, they will make sure everyone knows you screwed them over."

I found out the hard way that this is so true when I tried to help my younger brother buy a house.  To this day, he still thinks he knows more about real estate then I do.  I would tell him the truth; he would insist I was lying.  (So sad.  I refuse to this day to even talk to him.  He is such an A**!)

He works as a computer programmer.  So, since he works on computers all day, he has learned all the ins and outs of real estate better than my 25 years actually working -- making a living -- at real estate.

So, please learn from my mistake.  Trying to help family will lead to them knowing more than you.  Don't fall into that trap!


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Thursday, October 8, 2015

There are still some Good Deals in Las Vegas CRE right now!

However, I am dealing with several "Buyers" who tell me they want a deal on a property, yet, when I recommend one of these properties -- that already passed my litmus test -- Yes, if I had the money, I would have already bought this property -- the Buyers are like, ugh!

I would recommend a good price; they would change it to a weak price, thus killing any chance at a counter – or even a chance to open escrow!

I'm sorry: but, the Steals are long gone!  That window closed a couple of years back.
However, there are some good deals that could make money in the short AND long term.  You just have to have faith in the future of Las Vegas -- which is still growing!

For example: A fast food location on a high traffic street that is only one parcel away from a very successful McDonald's.

Here's another: a +/-1.8 acre of land zoned M-1 near Nellis AFB.  It also has a long term tenant on it.

So, if you are a serious Real Estate Investor -- looking for a Good Deal -- take the time to please give me a call.

OR, you could just give me the money, and I will buy it for me!

Contacting David Howes is easy -- either by: davidATdavidhowesDOTnet OR call him at: 70 25 01 93 88 AND Follow David on Twitter: @DavidAHowes

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"You are too honest for your own good!"

A few days ago, an attorney friend of mine and I had lunch.  We're both getting up there in age and for the first time we are both dieting. (Okay, we're just watching what we eat. Our metabolisms aren't what they used to be.)

Anyway, my friend, asked me about moving his office.  I asked about his remaining lease time, etc. He told me and I gave him some suggestions on what he could do.

Fast forward to the end of the lunch.  He then tells me. "David, you are too honest for your own good!"

I playfully asked if he was trying to insult me?  I told him it didn't work.

He replied he wasn't.  He continued to say he wished more real estate brokers where as plain spoken and truthful as I have always been with him.

And, that is when he said, "...that is why you lose deals to other brokers."

I wasn't shocked by this at all, because I know first hand that other brokers have slick tongues and are able to convince property owners and buyers that they desperately need them when dealing with a commercial real estate transaction.

Now, I do know the "closes" according to Tom Hopkin's Book, "How to Master the Art of the Sale."

But, most of the time, I don't use them because I feel as if it makes me "look and sound" desperate.  You do understand what I am saying, right?

So, instead of focusing on "the close," I try to be helpful and show them that my being honest with them, answering their objections directly, allows them to be relaxed and confident with me.

So far, it has worked.

Do I lose the occasional client?  Of course!  But, in some of those cases, I think they were being dishonest and they were trying to be a bigger shot than they truly were.  I'm sure, most of you have run into clients like that, right?

So, if you are looking for a Las Vegas Property?  Why not give me a call or email to see what I can do to help you.  Would that be okay?

Contacting David Howes is easy -- either by: davidATdavidhowesDOTnet OR call him at: 70 25 01 93 88 AND Follow David on Twitter: @DavidAHowes