Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chewing Out the Local Managing Director of a National Real Estate Firm for Lying!

I have been sitting on this for several months or so. I wasn't sure how I wanted to present this.


A while back, I was trying to get information on a property that was listed with a national real estate firm here in Las Vegas, NV. The agent steadily would NOT return my calls; nor even reply to my email requests.

So, I decided, since it was a bank owner property, to resend an email to the agent, and include a cc of the message to the bank asset manager so they could see I was interested in helping a client buy the building.

Not one day later, the managing director of the national real estate firm calls me to say that I had violated the law in contacting their client.

Now, I know that this was a lie, but he insisted that contacting a listing client was in fact a violation of Nevada law. (It isn't.)

I said, I did that because "your agent" refused to return my call or reply to my email.
He said, his agents were busy and didn't have time to return "non essential" inquiries.

Unfortunately, this is where I lost it. I chewed him out with such vulgarity, I can NOT recite the words here.

Paraphrasing, I called him stupid, unqualified to lead, and a LIAR! I did NOT pull any punches.

Now, IF you as a real estate agent or broker are going to lie to me, be ready for a full force retaliation. OR, just don't lie in the first place.

As far as I am concerned, this local office of this national real estate firm, is full of self righteous, arrogant, agents who think that double ending deals should be the only way to sell real estate. And, IF they happen to have another local broker on the deal, it is beneath them.

Now, I moved to Las Vegas in 1994, I did interview with this company way back then, and, I decided that it was NOT right for me. (I don't like being pigeon holed into doing only one aspect of real estate.)

So, on this transaction, I eventually found another property nearby which my client bought. And, as far as I am concerned, the managing director and most of the agents at this one national real estate firm can kiss my....

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Attention Athletes & Celebrities! Net Leased Investments Help Soothe Relations with Greedy Parents/Relatives!

Now, I understand what Phillip Buchanon was going through.  His Mom demanded $1 Million for reimbursement for raising him.  This in itself is pretty sad.

However, there was a better way of paying her back for supplying him with food and shelter while he was growing up.  He was smart to NOT give her the $1 Million directly.  Instead, he bought his Mom a house.  However, he should NOT have even done that.

What he should have done was acquired a net leased property, and out of that monthly rental income money that he would receive, just paid his Mom a monthly paycheck.  Of course, she would have had the usual tax deductions from the payroll check.  And, his Mom -- being an unsophisticated investor -- would have complained about that.  But, in the long term, his finances would have been pretty steady -- given the history of NNN investments the last ten years.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the only case of family/relative greed ever.  Many, many young athletes/celebrities want to do right by their families when they are suddenly thrust into the world of high income through professional sports draft processes; or, even if they have sudden financial success in just about anything; such as: suddenly having a higher income because of a song that sells millions of copies, or a movie that explodes at the box office.

Usually, regular life goes on after these events.  And, for most, their life usually doesn't change with a song, or movie, or a sports drafting process.

But just in case, you need to have a back up plan.  Because this is where you will find your true friends, loving family, etc.

Once the sudden financial success has happened, you should then contact some one like me, a real estate broker, and we move forward with the acquisition of a NNN Investment.  This purchase should secure that financial gain you just received -- as best it can -- and then you start earning the passive monthly income.  From this acquisition, it should help you secure your standard of living and help Mom with hers.

The downside is Mom will have such a mental focus on receiving that one time $1 Million payment, she will be upset that you have decided to give her the money one month at a time.  But, you have to understand that to give her a lump sum $1 Million, she will most likely spend through it in little to no time at all.  And, have nothing to show for it in the end.

And Draft Prospects, with the NFL draft just around the corner....

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Even with 200 Store Closings, Walgreen's should remain as a good NNN Investment!

I had to re-read this article twice; and then double check with another news source.  But, after all that reading, I decided that Walgreen's should stay as a good NNN Investment given that the "new" Owner of Walgreen's "Boots" from the UK, is doing what all company buyers do: cut out the fat to make the profitable Walgreen's more profitable.

Does this mean that the store you just acquired or were thinking of buying will remain open?  I don't know.  All of us will have to wait to see the "list."

Anyway, here is the article I read and then re-read.  (Just copy and paste in your browser to read.)


More later -- as it unfolds in front of us.

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