Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On the Horizon...

Donald Trump, for some strange reason, is winning over (let's call them) normal every day Old White Americans.

I truly don't understand what they are so afraid of.

Donald Trump is fear mongering.  He is playing to the lowest common denominator in this GOP primary season.

With that said, I received an email from my Middle Eastern client which in essence said: Until Donald Trump is out of the presidential race, middle eastern money stays out of the US.

Here is what he sent me:

"... with all the madness and shocking popularity of Trump!!! Which foreign investors specially Middle East take it very seriously not only because of its extreme hatred for all non Americans!! But also because it reflects a lot Americans same feelings and it sheds very bad and instability. On the Horizon."

I don't know if Trump realizes how much his words are hurting American Business.  I don't think he cares about Americans as he implies.

One minority client said to me he thinks Donald Trump is filming a reality TV show and went on this run for president as part of this TV show.  The problem is: he expected to be out of the race by now but he is winning with words and phrases that would have cost other politicians their elected positions.

I do NOT know if this is true.  But, I am NOT voting for Trump in the General election if he wins the GOP nomination.  In my opinion, there is no room at the highest elected office in the world for some one with so much fear and hatred in his heart.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Super Bloom! A Real Estate Tour through Death Valley!

This has nothing to do with Commercial Real Estate, however, it does cover real estate in general.

My wife and I, plus brother-in-law, daughter and her boyfriend, all went to Death Valley on Sunday to see the once in every 10 year bloom of flowers -- that is currently happening.

We went to rest, relax and just enjoy the scenery.

Lots of pretty yellow flowers with an occasional purple flower plant here and there.

And if you are ever feeling low, like so low you feel as if you are below sea level, there is an actual spot where you can go to actually be below sea level.

Like 282' below sea level -- without being under water!
(It does say Sea Level on a sign about half way up the rock face.)


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Monday, March 7, 2016


First of all, if you are an experienced hotelier, you need to download, fill out, scan, and email back to me the form under the Las Vegas Casino Information button in the right hand column.

Once I have that filled out formed -- and signed by your company signatory -- I will forward the appropriate property detail for your review.

But, to wet your appetite, there are two up and running resort properties that could be acquired.

The First is a large Las Vegas Resort Casino Property.  Then, again, the Non Circumvent and Commission Agreement is required in order to receive any details on either property.

The Second is a smaller property and costs... Then, again, the form...

But, I will disclose that these will cost you in the hundreds of millions -- each.

If interested (and you are qualified to apply and receive a Nevada Unrestricted gaming license, you must provide the Seller with your financial capability and Proof of Funds to close!

And, this is needed prior to the release of any property information.

The Sellers are looking for people/companies that are either licensed already - or are people/companies that have the capability of being licensed with the Nevada Gaming Control Unrestricted Nevada Gaming License.

NOW, lastly, there is still property that is "develop-able." But, please still adhere to my Las Vegas Casino Information button to receive that property information as well.

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